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Benghazi spotlight

Benghazi Spotlight
This is a big week for those of us who have been searching for answers as to what really happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Furthermore, we want to know what happened leading up to the attack in the hopes that we can learn something from our failures to properly secure our diplomats and our property. We also want to know what happened in the aftermath of Benghazi; The administration's lack of forthcoming answers has led many to believe that there was a deliberate cover-up of the truth. If there was a cover-up, for what purpose? Was it to advance the Obama administrations' narrative that we no longer face a threat from radical Islam and that Islamic terrorism is on the decline? Was it to protect Hillary Clinton from criticism that her department or she herself didn't do enough to protect our diplomats, even after repeated requests for more security? Wednesday there will be a hearing in the House Oversight Committee. Finally after eight months, we will he ar from people within our own government who have been unable to speak publicly on the issue until now. These people are...{ more}

Chaffetz and Lankford Discuss Benghazi
Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. James Lankford joined Sean in the show's second hour to discuss the latest on Benghazi. Jason Chaffetz reiterated that those at the consulate at Benghazi put in numerous requests for assistance and were denied. Sean addressed the whistle blowers, including one who blatantly stated that they immediately thought the attack was a terror attack. Rep. Lankford explained that what took place in Benghazi and cover-up afterwards will affect how we deal with Libya in the future. Rep Chaffetz was the first leader to go to Libya after the attacks and he told Sean that not a single person working at the consulate brought up the video that Susan Rice blamed the attacks on - because the video had nothing to do with the attacks to begin with. Rep. Lankford felt that we will be hearing from many more witnesses to the Benghazi attack in the future.

Outrageous: NRA Members to Gitmo?
Over the weekend, I was privileged to speak at the 2013 NRA Women's Leadership Luncheon in Houston. I wanted to do this for many reasons but in part because I am sick of the bad rap that the NRA is being given. What many, particularly liberals, don't even realize is that the NRA is the single largest group in America that teaches gun safety. But this matters not to liberals who don't understand why Americans feel the need to even own guns, and some go as far as to believe that we shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Anyway, there is a column floating around written by the editor of the Aurora Sentinel. There is no doubt that his community has been shaken by tragedy, but wait until you hear his suggestion. His column reads in part... { more}

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