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DOJ Spying on Fox?

White House Spin Zone
Over the weekend, the Commander-in-Chief hit the golf course for the 123rd time – with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius – leaving White House aide Dan Pfeiffer to address the growing number of Washington scandals on the Sunday talk shows. His attempts to defend this administration haven't gone over too well. By this point, the White House should re-consider ever sending someone to the five Sunday shows to do the administration's spinning. Between Ambassador Susan Rice's now-infamous Sunday and now Dan Pfeiffer, they never end up looking good by the end. For some great highlights from t his weekend, check out But don't worry, the lapdog media will now do it's best to help the Obama administration change the narrative and begin to blame things on the GOP. Each day we learn more and more about these various scandals, and we will keep you updated as the information un folds.

The Government Censoring Prayer?
It was recently revealed that the IRS was asking pro-life groups about the content of their prayers? Also, it was revealed last week that Obama administration officials in the Treasury Department did, in fact, know that the IRS was being audited for targeting political groups during the campaign. From the New York Times, “The inspector general gave Republicans some fodder Friday when he divulged that he informed the Treasury’s general counsel he was auditing the I.R.S.’s screening of politically active groups seeking tax exemptions on June 4, 2012. He told Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin 'shortly after,' he said. That meant Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year.” These scandals are beginning to cripple the Obama Administration but, worse, they’re destroying Americans’ faith in their government.

DOJ Spying on Fox
Fresh off the heels of the AP scandal, where the Department of Justice secretly pulled two-months of phone records of AP reporters, we now have a new report showing that the Department of Justice also targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen. The investigation was apparently into his reporting on classified intelligence in North Korea dating back to 2009. I'm sure that a similar excuse will be used by the administration as in the case with the AP story: National security. The AP is already stating that the DOJ pulling its phone records has affected its ability to report, with sources being weary to talk with reporters. That is entirely understandable, and it is chilling to know that this administration has that kind of power. But according to the Washington Post the DOJ took things a step further. Not only did they go into his phone records, but they obtained records of his security badge access to the State Department as well as sifted through his personal emails. Will reporters express similar outrage as they did over the AP story, considering this involves a Fox News reporter? That remains to be seen. But they absolutely should, because infringement on our civil liberties is a concern for all Americans, regardless of political bent or employment affiliation.

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