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Devastation in Oklahoma

Devastation In Oklahoma
Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones and property in Oklahoma over the last few days. Yesterday, a presumed EF-4 tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. Its wind speeds were up to 200 mph, at some points it was up to 2 miles wide and the path stretched for about 20 miles. It is an unbelievable storm which has now claimed the lives of at least 24 people, nine of whom are children. The stories of children at the Plaza Towers elementary school being pulled out of the rubble, some not making it out alive or missing, are beyond heartbreaking. You can help those affected by this horrible tragedy by contacting the American Red Cross or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Unfortunately the tragedy has not escaped politicization...(more)

Scandals Abound
When the lead story on the Politico is "How Not to Handle a Scandal," you know that this administration is in some serious hot water. When you've got liberals like Keith Olbermann tweeting about the overreach of this administration, you know you've got problems. When Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post is outraged by the Obama administration, it also points to serious trouble for this administration. Recent polling shows that the Obama administration's swirling scandals, and their subsequent handling of the scandals, hasn't sat well with the public. A Washington Post/ABC News poll released today found that 56% of Americans believe that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was deliberate. A plurality of Americans feel the administration isn't being forthcoming with the facts: 45% feel the administration is trying to cover up facts...(more)

Kerry Picket and Ryan Grim on IRS Scandal
Kerry Picket of and Washington Bureau Chief for the Huffington Post, Ryan Grim, discussed today's IRS hearings with Sean in the show's final hour. Grim explained that while he does not agree with the bias displayed by the IRS and the Obama administration, he does not hold the president personally responsible. Picket jumped in and posed a very valid question, "What happens when the IRS is in charge of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?" For more on today's IRS testimony, please click here.