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The Giant has a Weak Spot

Tennent: The Giant Has A Weak Spot
Rose Tennent filled in for Sean and gave listeners a monologue that laid out a path to help us fight big government. She offers, "Congressman Mike Kelly recently accused the IRS of fostering a culture of fear and praised those who blew the whistle on the IRS as having gone through a "David and Goliath" moment. We have come to believe that because the government is big, and it is, that it is strong and invisible. David was a teenager and a shepherd and Goliath, who it was believed to be a very large man, invoked fear. Because David was confident in whom he was and that he was right in his actions, he was able to find Goliath's weak spot and was ultimately able to prevail. The IRS is one of the giant's arms and the giant is trying to freeze us in fear. So, we stand by as the giant oppresses those who try and limit. We're not powerless! We don't have to fight this giant alone; we need to recognize that this giant is an obstruction between us and the freedo m we need to reclaim. David was equipped with a slingshot but also something very familiar, courage and faith. Without consideration to our size, we must encourage those who speak out and must, ourselves speak out!" For more from Rose Tennent, visit To listen to Rose's opening monologue, please click here.

Mayor Giuliani on Syria
"The situation in Syria is one that President Obama could have effectively last year, or a year and a half ago, but he didn't and now Syria has been literally burning." With those words, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani laid the groundwork for some biting criticism of the Obama Administration. Giuliani continued to remind the audience that nearly 100,000 people have died in Syria and yet there remains no clear strategy to assist. This frustrates me to no end because it just sounds like the only plan is to arm rebels in an effort to overthrow Assad yet these are the same rebels that pledged loyalty to Al Qaeda. This sounds like our efforts to toss Mubarak and arm the Muslim Brotherhood. Haven't we learned from our mistakes? For more on this, check out

Distrust in Government Grows
In light of all the recent scandals involving this administration, Fox News has released a poll highlighting how people feel about these scandals and our government in general. The number of Americans who believe the federal government is too big is growing: 64% feel the government is too big, which is up from 56% in 2009. That’s also more than double the number who feel government is the right size (just 29%). When it comes to trusting our government, only 5% of Americans have a great deal of trust and 32% have a fair amount of trust. Meanwhile 63% of Americans say they do not have much confidence, or no confidence at all in our federal government. When it comes to our government spying on us, 62% of Americans feel that secretly collecting the phone records of millions of Americans is an “unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.” In comparis on, just 32% of Americans believe secretly collecting phone records is an “acceptable government action to help prevent terrorism.”