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Polls on IRS Targeting

Polls On IRS Targeting
Yesterday I told you about the latest poll numbers related to Obama's approval rating and trustworthiness. Today we have new insight from the CNN/ORC survey related to the IRS scandal. The latest findings show us two important things. 1) The number of Americans who believe that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was a direct order from the White House has increased by 10 points in the last month to 47%. For independents, the number who believe the White House ordered the targeting of conservatives has crossed the 50% threshold. 2) The other thing to note is that this IRS targeting scandal is still important to the majority of the American people, but that number is starting to slip. In May, 55% felt it was a "very important" issue to the nation, and now that number is at 51%. If we put these numbers in the context of the numbers I told you about yesterday, it is clear that people are losing faith in this president...(more)

Hearing On NSA Leak
Today we got a rare glimpse into the inner-workings of National Security Agency programs that have been disclosed over the last few weeks. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a hearing today where the Director of the National Security Agency, General Keith Alexander, testified. Other intelligence officials appeared at the hearing as well to explain, as best they could disclose, how these programs work. Here are some of the important facts that we learned today during this fascinating hearing...(more)

Author James O'Keefe joined Sean on today's radio show to talk about his new book, "Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy." O'Keefe is part of a new breed of guerrilla reporters for the twenty-first century. He and his associates have famously infiltrated some of Americas most protected organizations and institutions. They have challenged politicians, bureaucrats, media moguls, union bosses, and election officials, all with the goal of exposing the lies from the public. In his latest book, O'Keefe turns his attention to one of the most compromised election campaigns in our nations history: the 2012 presidential race. Of all his controversial sting operations, this was the one that his late mentor, Andrew Breitbart, called his most consequential, O'Keefe explained. O'Keefe organized an army of citizen journalists, planned a series of video stings to reveal the American systems vulnerability to voter fraud, and went nose to nose with the most powerful political machine in the world. O'Keefe talked about his latest video in which he confronts Attorney General "Richard Head" Over indicting journalists. To watch O'Keefe's latest video, please click here. For more on O'Keefe's latest book, please click here.

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