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Happy Independence Day!

Secure Our Borders First
When it comes to immigration reform, I cannot emphasize this enough: Secure the borders first. How difficult is that to understand? Now before we go any further, I want to make it clear that contrary to liberal media reports, I have not been lobbied by anybody to get on board with the Gang of Eight plan. Sometimes I will talk to politicians, but that is to arrange for them to come on the program and talk to you directly. I've had politicians on all sides of this issue on the program from Marco Rubio to Jeff Sessions to Rand Paul to Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush. I've had other guests like Ann Coulter, who is dead-set against this bill. We've put everybody on the program so that you can make an informed decision. After the election I said - and this is very important - that if we secure the borders first, then conservatives may be willing to deal compassionately with the 11 million illegal immigrants who are here. I still believe that. I believe that the Grassley amendment had it right in that we should deal with the border first and then take on the issue of the illegals second.

Liberals Want The Issue
A lot of conservatives are upset with Marco Rubio. I can understand that. I do believe that he had the best of intentions when he started working on this issue. But I also told him during interviews early on that I do not trust Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin. Democrats have a history of not being trustworthy. My prediction seems to have become a reality. Democrats are basically using this as a political issue, not for the sake of solving an important problem but to boost future election chances by making this a wedge issue for 2014. The way that this is all shaping up, Democrats will be able to go out there and say that Republicans don't like Hispanics, just like they squawk that Republicans want dirty air and water, they want to push granny off the cliff and they want poor and disabled children to fend for themselves. This is typical liberal politics at play. Nearly every time you do business with liberals, they go back on their word. If y ou remember back in 1986, we were supposed to secure the borders. We have legislation on the books right now to do so, but in typical Washington fashion...they have little interest in abiding by the law. Or take a look at what happens every time the GOP tries to negotiate spending cuts in exchange for tax increases. Democrats end up getting their tax increases implemented but then we never really see any spending cuts. For more on the immigration battle including some amazing cost estimates, check out my full article on

Outrageous: Farm Bill Rhetoric
Two weeks ago the Farm Bill was defeated by Republicans in the House. This has led to some interesting reaction from liberals and Democrats. Let's start with Nancy Pelosi. At her press conference yesterday, Pelosi was upset with Republicans and their desire to cut funding for food stamps. Never mind the fact that spending on food stamps has literally DOUBLED since 2008, from $39 billion to $82 billion. That number is only expected to grow, even though we are supposedly in a "recovery." Why? Well the Obama administration has spent millions of dollars promoting the use of food stamps, making access and information more readily available. The cultural stigma of receiving benefits from the government (for those who do not desperately need it) also seems to be wearing thin. It's as if people suddenly have a right to have their food costs subsidized by the government. There is a concerted effort by the part of Democrats (aided by the lapdog media) to paint Republicans as dysfunctional and the House as a dysfunctional body that is incapable of leading. They took this opportunity with the farm bill to do just that!