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Giuliani tackles illegal immigration

Giuliani: Worst Foreign Policy Since Carter
Guest host Rudy Giuliani took the Hannity airwaves on Monday and kicked off the show discussing the Obama administration's foreign policy...or lack thereof. "Some people don't really understand what the definition of a Democracy really is," said Rudy. "We think a Democracy is where somebody gets elected. That's only about 25 percent of what constitutes a Democracy. I'll remind you that Hitler was elected, Ahmadinejad was elected. I can give you hundreds of examples of people who were elected in countries that are not a Democracy. A Democracy is not just elections, it's checks and balances of power, a legal system, a protection of rights, freedom of religion - all things that Morsi (recently overthrown president of Egypt) was undercutting since he was elected," Rudy explained. "What the protesters in Egypt did was to prevent a further erosion of Democracy, although nobody knows how this is going to turn out. Maybe there is a chance they can create a government that is not only a Democracy in name but in reality. The unfortunate part of this is that it seems America had very little to do with this. We have a president who watches things rather than guiding things. I'm not even sure if he watches things. Our foreign policy under this administration is feckless - in almost every respect. This is as bad as I can remember our foreign policy being since the Carter administration. But at least under the Carter administration there were some positives. Here it seems to me that our president's policy of following rather than leading has America now in a situation where we seem to be guessing most of the time - and for the most part, guessing wrong," Rudy concluded. Click here to listen to Rudy's entire opening monologue about Obama's foreign policy.

Rudy Discusses Zimmerman Trial
Despite the notoriety of being the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani has actually spent most of his life as a prosecutor and has made hundreds, if not thousands, of prosecutorial decisions in his career. "I have a hard time understanding how [the Zimmerman] case was brought as I watched the prosecution put in its case. I've never seen a prosecution put in a case that had so much more in it for the defense than it had for the prosecution. If I understand correctly, the original decision was not to prosecute. But because of mounting political pressure that drove the prosecutorial decision. It seems to me that the key to this case is that the state has to disprove the self defense, defense. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense. The key here in my mind was who was screaming for help? Because the person who was screaming for help was reasonably in fear of severe bodily damage or death. There can't be any question that the person screaming at that time was Mr. Zimmerman. The person doing the screaming is the person in fear for their life," Rudy concluded.

Dennis Michael Lynch talks 'They Come to America II'
On a special edition of "Hannity: The Cost of Amnesty," Sean was joined by filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch. Lynch spoke about his most recent documentary about illegal immigration called, "They Come to America II." "I find us as a country in a place of time when the President of the United States and members of Congress care more about the well-being of illegal aliens than they do with the American citizens," Lynch explained to Sean. "I've traveled this country by car. Four times making these films. I have seen every school that's closed, I've seen every person on unemployment line, and I've talked to a countless Americans. Not one person has ever said to me, "I can't stand those Latinos." What they say is, "I don't like the special treatment that illegals are getting. What about me? I'm the American citizen. What about me being first? The American spirit is broken, it's broken. And I could tell you, when that Senate bill passed, more viewers than you realized felt defeated. They see America falling off the cliff. And if this bill as it's written, passes the House, forget it. You're going to see this country go into a place that you and I cannot even begin to fathom. To watch Sean's interview with filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, please click here.