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DOD turns blind eye to troops?

DOD Turns A Blind Eye?
In a letter dated July 25, 2013, the Department of Defense told Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) that the flow of necessary equipment and materials to U.S. armed forces fighting overseas is "adequate." The reply came after Rep. Duncan Hunter sent a letter in June to Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel saying, "Items such as metal detectors, tourniquets, eye protection and gun lubrication--not to mention the basic necessities like soap, toothpaste, and socks--have all been requested by units in the field. However there are numerous instances where these items are not supplied by a logistics system that is cumbersome and which can be non- responsive to the war fighter." Specifically, Hunter's letter cites the non-profit military support organization, Troops Direct. Based out of Northern California, Troops Direct receives requests from U.S. military commanders on the front lines in Afghanistan and Africa for vital equipment and supplies which they cannot receive through the military's internal supply chain. What makes the organization unique is that they focus on fulfilling direct orders from those on the ground as opposed to shipping arbitrary care packages to the troops. While the Defense Department letter says that supplies such as medical trauma kits and counter-IED equipment are, "available in sufficient quantities," many military officials who have reached out to Troops Direct would beg to differ...more.

The Battle To Defund
If Obama and the Democrats want to convince Americans that ObamaCare is so great, perhaps they should start amongst their own ranks. According to a report by the Daily Caller, “less than 3 percent of U.S. federal workers want to give up their current health plans and join ObamaCare.” The August survey by (a website for federal employees) found that 92.3% of federal workers want to keep their current plan while just 2.8% think they should be forced into ObamaCare exchanges. The rest simply don't have a clue..more

Obama's Economic Approval Rating Tanks
How's that pivot back to the economy working out for the president? Over the last month or so, I've chronicled Barack Obama's transparent pivot back to jobs. He's made a series of campaign-style speeches claiming that we need a "grand bargain for the middle class." In these speeches, he proposed absolutely nothing new in terms of economic ideas or ways to get job creation going again. Instead he resorted to his tired ideas of spending more taxpayer dollars on government projects and playing the class warfare card. Obama pivoted back to jobs in June. This was something like his 18th pivot. It's absurd. But when he began this renewed focus on the economy, his economic approval ratings were at 42%. Now his economic approval rating has dropped seven points to 35%. In fact, according to this Gallup poll tracking, the issues where Obama saw the biggest drop in approval were all related to the economy: The economy, taxes and the federal budget deficit. So what's happening here?...more