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RNC taks a stand

More ObamaCare Fixes
It seems as though the unilateral and unconstitutional changes to ObamaCare aren't going to stop. In efforts to save their "train wreck" of a law, more changes to ObamaCare are coming our way. That is at least according to former White House adviser David Axelrod. He told MSNBC this morning, "Any time you implement something like this, it's new and there's no doubt that it's complicated, there will be changes along - there should be changes along the way." Oh really? Will those changes come from Congress, the branch responsible for writing legislation? Of course not! The separation of checks and balances is not a concern for the Anointed One...more

RNC Takes A Stand
The Republican National Committee has been meeting this week in Boston for its annual summer meeting. Earlier today, they voted on the issue of primary debates. You'll remember that NBC and CNN both announced their intentions to produce a mini-series and a documentary on Hillary Clinton. This upset a lot of Republicans, seeing it as nothing short of blatant media bias in the lead up to the 2016 election. So this morning, the RNC voted in favor of boycotting presidential primary debates hosted by NBC and CNN. Good for them. It's time that Republicans showed their willingness to fight. It's too bad that they cannot unite and fight on issues that are far more pressing like the effort to defund ObamaCare. But the Republicans, for too long, have reluctantly played along with the liberal media and perpetually seen themselves become the victim of their bias...more

Obama's Speech On The NSA
Barack Obama gave a speech last Friday addressing the issue of the NSA and spying on Americans. He said, "If you look at the reports, even the disclosures that Mr. Snowden's put forward, all the stories that have been written, what you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and, you know, listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's emails." The only problem is ... that's not true. Thanks to a bombshell report from the Washington Post, an internal audit found that "the NSA has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008." Most of the infractions resulted in the unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreigners within the United States. "The more serious lapses include unauthorized access to intercepted communications, the distribution of protected content and the use of automated systems without built-in safeguards to prevent unlawful surveillance.” The more we learn, the more we should be concerned about our privacy and the fact that our government, including Obama, has lied about to us.