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Special host Kirby Wilbur

Where's The Outrage!
I’m Kirby Wilbur and I’m filling in for the hardest working man in show business, Sean Hannity. I want to talk to you a bit about the murder of Chris Lane. If you don’t know Chris Lane, he’s an Australian citizen who was shot and killed by three teenagers who claimed that they were “bored.” This is an incredibly horrible story and I guess what I’m waiting for is the outrage. I’m waiting for MSNBC to hold nightly vigils, I’m waiting for Jesse Jackson to show his moral outrage. Where is the outrage? I hear some small commotion about this crime being reason for increased gun control. How many laws are on the books that allow 15 year old teenagers to hold a .22 caliber handgun? The only outrage I’m hearing is coming from Australians who’ve called for a boycott of the United States. We’ll see what President Obama and the left says about Chris Lane. I’m not expecting to hear much.

What's Happening in Egypt
Buck Sexton, a former NYPD terror expert and Jehan Harney, an egyptian born filmmaker, joined Kirby Wilbur to discuss the issues in Egypt. “The things happening in Egypt are definitely symptoms of a coup,” offered Sexton, “The thing is, we’re using coup in a negative sense but if there was a coup to stop Adolph Hitler we would’ve never had World War II.” “All of the violence has turned things into a Muslim Brotherhood crackdown, “ explained Harney, “The Muslim Brotherhood has been demanding that they have complete control or nothing at all.” “There’s an article in the Washington Post that says the Muslim Brotherhood is on their heels, is that true?” asked Wilbur. “Most of their leaders have been captured so they don’t have much of a central command,” answered Harney, “So, yes, I would say their operations have calmed down.” “Right now there is a sense that they’re disoriented,” answered Sexton, “They’ve operated as a glorified soup kitchen but they’re a very resilient operation.” The truth is it’s unclear the direction Egypt is going in but to say that American foreign policy has been equally confusing is the understatement of the year. We’ve sent planes and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood and we’ve taken a back seat and watched as things unfold. One thing is clear, the world needs clear leadership in Egypt, wh at’s not clear is if that will come from the United States.

Who's Fighting For Those Fighting For Us?
Our active duty military are facing a situation that I think is, frankly, shameful. I had the unique opportunity to chat with Aaron Negherbon, founder of Troops Direct, and Marine Jeff Mahaffey to discuss the startling issue where US military forces aren’t receiving the basic necessities they need to perform overseas. “Later in our deployment in 2010 we had run out of water purification systems and I turned to Troops Direct to get supplies,” explained Mahaffey, “We were receiving tourniquets from Troops Direct because the ones we were being sent were made from velcro which just weren’t working.” “The thing is we receive requests for supplies on day one,” added Negherbon, “We just decided we can’t wait for the government, we just need to get things done and we can’t rely on the government.” Check out for a great article on Troops Direct and for ways you can help.