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ObamaCare Recap

As Hannity listeners you all know Sean is no fan of the train wreck known as ObamaCare. As we head into the Labor Day holiday, we thought we'd pull together some highlights of Sean's opinions of Obama's healthcare monstrosity:
ObamaCare: Bad From The Beginning
It was March 19th, 2010 and the Obama White House had made significant progress in getting its healthcare reform package passed in the House. The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, more popularly known as ObamaCare, seemed to be as close to a guarantee as anything in Washington. Sean took the air that day, over three years ago, with these warnings. “What we are witnessing here is the relationship between you…we the people, and the government,” Sean explained as he set the expectations for the next three years, “Our relationship may forever be altered.” Truer words have not been spoken as ObamaCare seeks to begin the next phase and create the public healthcare exchanges necessary to implement the program. After the bill passed two days later, Sean carefully tried to balance optimism while facing the truth that American Democracy had taken a huge punch. “Many can now ask the question, ‘where were you when the Republic died.’” has a complete archive of every show and sometimes it’s just nice to look back and see where we came from as conservatives across this country continue to find any way possible to stop ObamaCare…more

ObamaCare: The Courts Step In
A little over two years after the initial legislation had passed, folks like Jay Sekulow, the Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, had finally made ObamaCare a matter of judicial concern. On June 28th, 2012 the US Supreme Court, in a narrow decision, ruled that ObamaCare was constitutional because it constituted a tax under Congress’ power to levy taxes. “I am far more resolved now than ever,” laughed Hannity as he tried to calm conservatives who were upset by this decision, “This was a bad decision and yes, it’s a bad law, but the Supreme Court handed President Obama a political loss.” Though Sean was wrong about the impact of ObamaCare on the 2012 Presidential Election outcome, the fact that ObamaCare is considered a tax has certainly hampered President Obama’s ability to tout the legislation and has caused him to rush for different ways to try and justify what he’s doing. Just recently President Obama asked former President Bill Clinton to join him in trying to re-sell ObamaCare to a growing number of Americans’ who’re simply not interested in this legislation. What does it say about a law when, nearly four years after it’s passage it still needs to be sold to the American People…more

ObamaCare: Where Do We Go From Here?
It's hard to predict where ObamaCare will go from here. "One thing that strikes me as odd is how hard the Obama Administration is pushing a law which the majority of Americans despise and whose own architects have labeled the bill "a train wreck." President Obama's administration has decided the law is too complicated to implement by 2014 so they've extended the deadlines to 2015. So, to recap, the law is too complicated to create an enforcement mechanism until 2015 so the President unilaterally decides not to enforce the legislation. The legality of the President ignoring a date set in statute withstanding, isn't it clear by now that this legislation simply isn't what Americans want? They're not looking to live in a European or Canadian style of health care where research and funding takes a back seat to uniformity and universal coverage. It's fine if you're healthy but if you're sick or a small business owner, watch out, ObamaCare is out to get you...more