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Blurred Lines

The Red Line
It is beyond comprehension when the President was in Stockholm earlier today, he said that he didn’t draw a red line. He didn’t? He did in late August of 2012! If crimes against humanity drove President Obama to act, why has he done nothing when a hundred thousand Syrians have died at the hands of the rulers in Syria. Here’s the bottom line. Since President Obama was elected he’s had a difficult time taking responsibility for his promises. Do you remember when he was going to cut the deficit in half? How about the fact that American job losses were the result of too many ATMs? Now, President Obama is trying hard to back pedal once again. I need to tell you, this is demoralizing. What we have right now is a very reluctant and scared leader who is appearing increasingly impotent. In the end, there are no good scenarios where Democracy can grow in Syria so I say there’s no real good reason for our military to be in harm’s way.

More on Obama's Blurred Lines
Over the weekend Obama did his best to punt potential blame for action in Syria to Congress, suddenly seeking Congressional approval after already asserting his power to act. Now Obama has taken matters to the next level by attempting to re-write history when it comes to his comment about “red lines.” Yet here we are, over a year later and Obama is trying to back peddle on HIS statement about red lines. In a joint press conference this morning in Sweden, Obama actually tried to make the case that HE didn't set the red line. Here's a transcript, courtesy of the Weekly Standard. This is twice now in the last few days that Obama has tried to shirk the responsibility for his rhetoric. The problem with Obama is that he is really good at talking, but he is not good when it comes to governing. For years now, Obama's rhetoric has not matched his actions. For the most part, he has been able to get away with this domestically because we have a media that works diligently to prop him up and an electorate that is mostly ignorant or simply doesn't care. But when it comes to foreign policy, words matter a great deal. This has finally come back to bite Obama in the form of a “red line” he drew in the sand on Syria. His attempt to pass the blame onto Congress and the world is laughable. Who even takes this guy seriously anymore? If Obama can't stand up and take responsibility, speak and act with cl arity and conviction, and execute a coherent strategy, then he has no business being president of the United States. He endangers our security, our credibility and the security of our allies.

What’s The End Goal?
I'm still dumbfounded as to what the ultimate goal is in Syria and why this administration feels it can achieve anything after telegraphing exactly what it plans to do. We've already told the world that the United States will engage in limited (days not weeks) strikes, won't put boots on the ground and will not attempt a regime change. We've now delayed this action, allowing for potential targets to disperse and prepare. What is the point of acting at all if there's no real goal at stake and our enemies already know what to expect? Not to mention the fact that nearly six out of every ten Americans is opposed to this action, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. If we really cared about peace and stability and are worried about a broad war, then why wouldn't we just cut to the chase and focus on Iran? That's the proxy war that is really playing out here. Why not go in there and decimate its nuclear facilities, leaving the radical factions in Syria to duke it out? I'm not saying that's the best course of action or advocating for war with Iran, but isn't that essentially what we are talking about here when we are talking about Syria? For more on the situation in Syria, check out