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Obama's Syria Media Blitz

Obama's Media Blitz
Congress is back after a five week vacation, and they are returning to a very different and perhaps unexpected landscape. The debate over Syria rages on. Today and tomorrow, Barack Obama is engaging in the Holy Grail of sales pitches. With 70% of the public against him, and a timid Congress, Obama is relying on his one strength and that is his ability to speak. Soaring rhetoric from Obama is nothing new, but most Americans realize that rhetoric won't save us from a possible war, an attack on our allies or the potential loss of American lives without our national interest at stake... more

To Attack Or Not Attack?
Mike Ghouse, founder of America Together Foundation and Dr. Faheem Younus founder of website joined Sean to discuss the situation in Syria. Younus believes that hitting Assad's regime will cause Syria’s government be annoyed but not gravely or mortally wounded militarily. This will propel the nation into a war filled with resentment on top of the already negative view of America as an imperialistic nation. Younus explained this would be a "cosmetic"attack and not be a very good action in any way. We need to look at the Arab nations, like Turkey, or Jordan, etc. who need to take responsibility for their fellow Muslims. Younus felt the war the United States has been fighting for decades in various regions of the Middle East has had very little impact.

Pompeo and Garrett Weigh In On Syria
Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Congressman Scott Garrett of New Jersey joined Sean to discuss the idea of an attack on Syria. Pompeo believes that we need to take action against Syria and the government of Assad for their crimes against their own innocent people. Pompeo believes that we need to hold the government accountable. Garrett said he believes that if we act upon Syria they will take it as a sign of war. He further explained that our own Constitution explains that if someone strikes our nation in any way, it is considered to be a sign of war. Garrett believes that any attack will result in our enemies taking power in Syria and will ultimately propose a more dangerous front in Syria for the United States. Pompeo wrote an article with his colleague Rep. Cotton in which he writes... read