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DC Rampage

Shooting Rampage In DC
As thousands of Americans were showing up to work this morning around 8am ET at the Washington Navy Yard, they were met with gunfire, which killed at least twelve people and wounding countless others. Those numbers are likely to change as we learn more details of this tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by this shooting and we will keep you up to speed with the latest updates throughout the program today. For more on this developing story, please click here.

And Now Back To The Economy
Having bungled his way into a "solution" for Syria, Barack Obama has decided to pivot (yet again) back to the economy. Today he marks the 5-year anniversary of the Great Recession. It is supposed to kick-off a week of events focused on the economy. Obama's goal: Blame the Republicans. If you are upset that the economy hasn't recovered enough, that is because Republicans are blocking Obama's policies. And we cannot forget that this was all Bush's fault to begin with! In other words, it's time for Obama to return to his familiar schtick of dividing America, blaming conservatives and promoting a victimization mentality. Coming off the heels of his embarrassing handling of the crisis in Syria, it will be interesting to see the public reaction to his latest pivot back to the economy. I get the impression that people are tuning Obama out, as his credibility continues to decline on all fronts. The fact is that he hasn't proposed anything new to get our economy growing. He maintains that more government spending and higher taxes is a recipe for economic success. You could argue that his prized ObamaCare encapsulates both: ObamaCare spending has soared from original estimates, it imposes taxes and penalties on individuals and businesses and burdens Americans with big-government regulations - And look at how ObamaCare is effecting our economy. Now apply that on a broader scale and that is essentially the Obama Economy. It's no wonder our economy has stalled...more

Dumbing Down The Courts
Judges have enormous power. They determine whom we can marry, whether we can own firearms, whether the government can mandate that we buy certain products, and how we define ''personhood.'' But who gets to occupy these powerful positions? Up until now, there has been little systematic study of what type of judges get confirmed. John Lott joined Sean to talk about his latest book about this very topic. In Lott's latest book, " Dumbing Down the Courts" he shows that intelligence has now become a liability for judicial nominees. With courts taking on an ever greater role in our lives, smarter judges are feared by the opposition. Although presidents want brilliant judges who support their positions, senators of the opposing party increasingly ''Bork'' those nominees who would be the most influential judges, subjecting them to humiliating and long confirmations. The conclusion? The brightest nominees will not end up on the bench. For more on Lott's new book, please click here.