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Obama's battles

Obama's Battles
Battle #1: ObamaCare What if I told you that I had a plan that would increase your taxes and/or costs, increase the cost of goods and services, deplete the quality of those goods and services, force you to buy something you may not want or need, potentially effect your job or your hours at work, deny you of privacy and freedom and add trillions to our long-term national debt? That is essentially what Obama and the Democrats are forcing upon the American people. It's no wonder ObamaCare is so unpopular! And yet the Republicans fighting to stop ObamaCare are the ones being labeled "arsonists," "kamikazes," "terrorists?" The people who should be called names are those who are forcing us to accept it! We, the American people, deserve better. We are not prepared to surrender our healthcare to big government. Since when has big government done ANYTHING efficiently, providing better or quality services, given the American people a better return on their investment, or actually solved the "problem" it set out to fix?...more

Exclusive: Tom DeLay Reacts To Court Overturning Conviction
A Texas Appeals Court has over turned the conviction of former Republican U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay, acquitting him of 2010 money laundering and conspiracy charges. Court documents released yesterday said there was "insufficient evidence to sustain this conviction." The former Texas congressman was wrongfully accused of illegally funneling corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002. DeLay joined Sean on last night's 'Hannity.' "There were six grand juries," DeLay explained to Sean. "One of them no billed me. They found a rogue district attorney who found a newly sworn in grand jury on the last day of the statute of limitations. Thirty minutes after they were sworn in, they brought an indictment on me," DeLay continued. "I tell you it's what the left does, to be honest with you. If they can't beat you on the political arena then they come and try to defeat you personally and try to completely destroy you, bankrupt you and put you on a grave and then dance on your grave. That's what they do," added DeLay. To watch Sean's entire interview with Tom DeLay please click here.

The Liberal Corner With Tamara Holder
By Tamara Holder
The conservatives' latest blame game: Mass Murderer Aaron Alexis On September 16, Aaron Alexis killed 12 people during his Navy Yard shooting spree. Just 48 hours later, a motive is still publicly unknown. Rather than wait for an investigative report, conservatives rushed to create a new-and-improved edition of the Blame Game. Available on, the game is easy: simply type "Aaron Alexis&" in your search bar and you will find countless uneducated opinions for Alexis&" mass killing. Warning to new players: if you question gun possession and expanded background checks, you will be ejected from the Blame Game. Here are your pawns...more