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Shutdown showdown

Shutdown Showdown
We are just days away from the start of ObamaCare and the end of the fiscal year. This means that we are in the crucial moments in the effort to defund ObamaCare and avert a government shutdown. There have been some distinct, leading voices in the effort to save America from ObamaCare: Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and particularly Ted Cruz. The establishment in Washington DC is none too pleased with the freshman Senator stirring things up - And by "stirring things up" I mean holding Republicans accountable to their campaign promises. Most, if not all, Republicans ran for office on the platform of defunding ObamaCare. Well the time has come and now people are upset that people like Ted Cruz are forcing them to live up to their promises. This is exactly what is wrong with Washington and why so many Americans are disillusioned with government. Ted Cruz is the exception, not the rule and the American people are frustrated by that fact. This is a tipping point for America. Who do you want to see win this battle: The American people who do not want ObamaCare to be forced upon them or the Washington establishment who has exempted themselves from ObamaCare and will only continue to use it as a source of power over you? This isn't a battle of Ted Cruz versus Republicans, this is a battle between us Americans and big-government, Washington DC. Why many Republicans would choose to stand on the side of the big government, DC establishment is exactly what has so many conservatives frustrated... more

Stand Your Ground
You know Sean is a fan of country music, a dog lover and family man. Did you know what type of artwork he likes? Well, Sean revealed that Jon McNaughton is one of his favorite artists. McNaughton just finished painting "Stand Your Ground" which you can view/order here.

America's Shift
Yesterday I walked you through some of the more ridiculous rhetoric coming from Nancy Pelosi these days. Harry Reid - currently the most unpopular Congressional leader in Washington - is joining the chorus, calling Republicans "anarchists" who are trying to take the country hostage. I would argue that the more ridiculous the rhetoric becomes, the more it indicates desperation on the part of those who feel they are losing power. A brand new Gallup poll released this week shows that 60% of Americans believe the federal government has too much power. This can't be good for many in Washington, and particularly for those lawmakers whose power rests in the maintenance of big government. In other words, there is a real sour taste in America's mouth right now for big government, and Obama's poll numbers are sliding. This is exactly why this is the right time to seize on the issue of ObamaCare (doesn't get much more "big government" than that) and work to save the America n people from this train wreck. It's not that Americans seek big solutions; We seek common sense solutions. Those are not the same thing, though many in Washington seem to think that's the case. The polling is shifting in favor of conservatives who seek to limit the size and scope of government. Now it is Republicans who have to make the most of it... more