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ObamaCare Looms

Sen. Cruz Speaks Out
Sean was joined by Senator Ted Cruz live from Washington to discuss his historic speech this past past Tuesday. "The advice Rand gave me beforehand, he gave me a couple of things," Cruz told Sean about his pre-speech strategy. He said, one, wear comfortable shoes. And so, I didn't wear the boots I usually wear. I went and bought some black tennis shoes, which helped. And two, he said do not drink much water. And so, the whole time, I just took tiny sips. I think I probably drank less than a glass of water all 21 hours. And that's about the only way you can make it without going to the bathroom." The president was critical of Cruz's speech but it didn't seem to phase the Texas senator. "I'm glad to see that the American people speaking up as they have in overwhelming numbers of getting the president's attention. I would ask the president if he's saying everyone criticizing ObamaCare is irrational? To watch Sean's entire interview with Senator Cruz, please click here.

Gohmert: ‘Amnesty’ and ObamaCare Is A Plot To Fire American's
Congressmen Gohmert and Salmon joined Sean to give a preview of what will happen when the Senate sends back their adjusted bill to the House. Gohmert said earlier this week that the Senate's solution is essentially the immigration bill they passed. "Because under their immigration bill, companies would have a hard time not doing what the Senate bill encourages - and that is firing every full-time American employee and hiring the immigrants who have just been given legal status. Because if you fire the Americans and hire the people that came in illegally, they get legal status under the Senate bill, then you don't have to provide them ObamaCare insurance or pay the fines," he added. "So, maybe if the Senate got everything they wanted, both ObamaCare and their amnesty bill, you'd have most Americans that work for big companies losing their jobs all over America."

That's Garbage!
How about we take a look at some of the more ridiculous ways our federal government chooses to spend your hard-earned tax dollars. From CNSNews: "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $25,000 that will go to the construction of benches made of garbage for a park in Tijuana, Mexico." Wow, now there's a productive use of our tax dollars. Here's another example from CNSNews: "The Labor Department's Bureau of International Labor Affairs plans to award up to $1 million in taxpayer dollars to increase gender equality at work ... in Morocco." And according to an Inspector General audit, "employees at the Department of Labor racked up an estimated $3.8 million in unauthorized or undocumented expenses over the past two and a half years, including charges at Hilton Naples Grande Beach Resort, Wal-Mart, Target and Chick-fil-A." Yet we can't cut spending? Ridiculous.