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Government Shutdown
The clock struck midnight and Washington was without a deal on the Continuing Resolution. We are officially in a partial government shutdown, the first one in 17 years. Throughout the day yesterday, the House and the Senate lobbed legislation like ping-pong balls back and forth at each other. Each time, the House watered down its efforts to defund or delay ObamaCare and each time the Senate said that they would only accept a "clean" CR. The House offered a motion to go to conference, but today Senate Democrats voted to refuse to even talk to the Republicans. Reid says, "We will not go to conference with a gun to our head." He says that the only thing they will accept is for the House to pass the clean Senate CR funding the government. That's it! No compromise will be made. They won't even allow for talks of compromise to proceed. That's where things stand in Washington these days...more

ObamaCare Goes Live
It's October 1st, which means that today is the day that ObamaCare exchanges go live ... even with a government shutdown. While Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius may be excited about "making some history" today, millions of families and businesses aren't so thrilled about history in the making. Even though the president himself has admitted that could "absolutely" expect glitches with ObamaCare's roll-out, he insisted that it be ready for prime-time nonetheless. So how is the first day of the ObamaCare exchanges going? Based on news reports throughout the day, about as good as was expected ... which means terribly. Here's a short roundup of the different glitches experienced...more

America Losing SuperPower Status?
Con Coughlin wrote an op ed piece in today's Telegraph in which he claims that today's shutdown is the start of America's fall from "superpower" status. Coughlin writes, "For a country that is supposed to be the most powerful in the world, the fact that Americans have today woken up to find large swathes of their nation closed for business is humiliating. While the White House insists that essential areas of the government, such as the military, will continue to function, the shut down represents yet a further blow to the prestige of the Obama administration at a time when it is still reeling from its inept handling of the recent Syrian crisis." Coughlin brings up some great points and offers a great look at what the government shutdown means to the Obama Administration. To read Coughlin's article please click here.