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Shutdown Day 3

Shutdown Update: Day 3
Last night Congressional leaders met with the President to discuss the partial government shutdown. While one would hope that a meeting would produce some sort of compromise or movement on the issue, that wasn't the case. What a surprise. After meeting for about an hour and a half, Congressional leaders emerged from the White House to basically tell the American people that nothing has changed. Democrats will not negotiate. Everything remains at a standstill and in fact, things feel further apart than ever. I have a feeling that we will remain in a partial shutdown for perhaps weeks, not days. With the debt ceiling debate looming around the corner, the stakes are higher than ever for each side. Reports are that Republicans are considering the idea of a “ grand bargain” attached to the debt ceiling that would include entitlement and tax reform. In other words, the battle in Washington has expanded beyond ObamaCare and is now about our debt and our spending. By holding the line on the CR, some Republicans argue that this gives them more leverage on the debt ceiling debate. This isn't going to be over any time soon.

Don’t Believe The Hype
While the shutdown continues, we can expect to see the hyped stories related to the shutdown. Just like during sequestration when the administration adamantly made sure that government agencies maximized the promised pain, there is no doubt that this is happening now. As the Daily Caller has pointed out, memorials and monuments remains open during previous government shutdowns. What makes this one different? Because Obama and the Democrats have a point to prove and they also know they have a media they can manipulate in order to make it. When you have more guards protecting the WWII memorial from being visited by 90 year old veterans than you did protecting Americans in Benghazi, you've got some pretty misplaced priorities. But this is all for show, and the Democrats know that they have the media on their side. Case in point: The Media Research Center has kept track of the coverage, “The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count.” Nonetheless, Republicans should hold the line.

Outrageous: Democrats Unhinged
There was no doubt that this government shutdown would bring out some of the more outrageous rhetoric in Washington. The Democrats haven't failed to disappoint. Let's start with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. When asked yesterday about funding certain parts of the government such as the National Institutes of Health, Harry Reid was steadfast in his position that there would be no negotiations from his side of the aisle. But when pushed by CNN's Dana Bash to explain why he wouldn't vote for something that could help even one child with cancer, here was Harry's Reid's compassionate response: “Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own. This is — to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless …” Why would we want to do that? I can think of a few reasons! How would Harry or any of these Democrats feel if it was their own grandchild being effected? What happened to Democrats supposedly monopolizing the political position of compassion and love? And here I thought it was the Republicans who wanted to push granny off the cliff! How cold, how heartless. It's just sick that Harry Reid and his cohorts in Washington would be willing to inflict this kind of pain – kids with cancer! – for the sake of their own political expediency. This is partisanship at a despicable level. This the kind of rhetoric that we have stooped to in Washington? The fact remains that it is the Democrats who are refusing to fund the government unless they get their precious train wreck of ObamaCare. For more on this, check out