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One week with ObamaCare

One Week of ObamaCare
It's officially been one week since the ObamaCare exchanges went into effect. Dare I say that the administration did not prepare for such a disaster and has taken a lot of well-deserved heat as this train wreck unfolds. But that is Barack Obama and the Democrats' problem. They own ObamaCare and refuse to relent even one inch, despite Republicans' best efforts and the will of the American people. Republicans remain committed to defunding or delaying ObamaCare and I hope they continue to resist the Democrat bullying. Even if they don't like it, Obama and the Democrats need to recognize that there are constitutional limits, checks and balances, put in place for a reason in this country. Republicans in the House are using a form of this check in order to make sure that the balance of power isn't entirely skewed toward one branch or one person. Just remember that if the tables were turned and it was the Democrats in the minority, they would be doing the same thing. Now about this train wreck. Every day we see more news reports and hear more anecdotal stories of the horrors of these exchanges and the impact ObamaCare is having on costs and jobs. There are a few examples on

ObamaCare Goes Offline For Repairs … Again first reported it but ObamaCare’s website is offline, again. These “glitches” are laughable. ObamaCare was clearly not ready for primetime, yet that wasn't really the driving force behind its launch, was it? But don't worry, the administration is now touting its online waiting rooms for ObamaCare as a way to mitigate these glitches. Welcome to the DMV for your healthcare! An outrageous story from California found that a family of four will pay $10,000 more for health insurance in order to meet ObamaCare requirements. But my favorite part of the story is a quote from one of the people impacted by ObamaCare: "Of course, I want people to have health care, I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally." Seriously? I fear that this is how most of America operates, or at least those who supported Barack Obama and ObamaCare: They have no concept of the fact that it actually has to be paid for! The government doesn't just happen upon this money. It comes from you and me and other taxpayers. Unbelievable.

Government Shutdown: Day 8
The government remains in a partial shutdown, thanks to Barack Obama and Harry Reid's insistence that there will be no negotiations. None. Zero. The American people want solutions and answers, but apparently the Democrats will only have their way or the highway and nothing else. This shutdown has highlighted a few things: Our ability to survive without parts of the federal government (some agencies have zero employees right now) and also our skewed priorities when it comes to spending. This government shutdown reflects the unwillingness of Democrats in Washington to compromise. They would rather win the PR argument by watching Americans suffer than come to the table and negotiate with Republicans. It's sad, really.