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The schoolyard bully

The Schoolyard Bully
Barack Obama is not acting like the president of the United States, he is acting like a schoolyard bully. He called John Boehner to basically tell him that he doesn't want to talk. Then he held a press conference yesterday where he essentially said the same thing, while throwing around loose barbs about the GOP. As insulting as this is to Republicans in Washington, Obama's insistence on maximizing the pain has now impacted our soldiers in an inexcusable way...more

Taking America's Temperature
According to a new Associated Press-GfK survey out today, Barack Obama's approval rating has plummeted to just 37%. Now if you just read the headlines or even the beginning of most news stories citing this poll, they would focus on the GOP being blamed for the shutdown. But the fact remains that Democrats are not far behind when it comes to the blame game, and Americans are clearly not all that impressed with Obama. This is not working out as the Democrats planned...more

Senator Tim Scott
US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) joined Sean on today's show and discussed the dysfunction in Washington. "This is the unfortunate consequence of attempting to govern from crisis to crisis. Washington has failed in one of its most basic jobs - providing a budget that responsibly manages taxpayer dollars. In this case, Washington has failed to provide any budget at all," Scott explained. "Shutdowns don't happen when Congress does its job. Our country deserves better than short-term, Band Aid spending bills that only work well enough to get us to the next crisis. We need a real, responsible budget that solves our country's spending addiction and puts us back on the path to fiscal solvency." Because of this dysfunction in Washington, Scott told Sean that he will be donating his shutdown salary to charity. "Members of Congress should not be given preferential treatment, period," said Scott.