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Is A Third Party What We Need?

Is It A Third Party We Need?
I want to lay out the truth about where this country is headed, what I think about it and what it means for you and your family. There's a whole new dynamic playing out – with this back-and-forth between the Tea Party and the establishment – that if you are conservative, you ought to be very concerned about. There's a sad truth emerging. The game (and it is a game to most of them) in Washington has been for so long to accumulate power at whatever cost to the American people. This country isn't going to survive with half-measures. Either you believe we need radical, positive solutions for this country and you are willing to fight for them, or you do not. Is it a third party we need? I've often argued no. I'm not so sure anymore. It may be time for a new conservative party in America. I'm sick of these guys.

What Do Conservatives Need To Do?
As a conservative – and I don't speak for all of them – I'd say we're looking at a picture that I don't like: A lousy economy, one in five children are in poverty, one in six Americans are in poverty, we have a doubling of the number of people on food stamps, our foreign policy is weak and we are leading from behind, and on top of all of that we have ObamaCare being forced upon us. This is not a time for half-measures because when we have $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, $17 trillion in debt and we are adding ObamaCare into the mix, this is the moment when conservative solutions need to prevail. If I were leading conservatives, I'd be pushing for solutions such as tapping into our energy resources. I would be driving home the importance of a balanced budget and a balanced budget amendment. I would make sure that every American knew of the conservative ideas on healthcare, including Health Savings Accounts. Positive solutions alternatives are th e key but Republicans have a hard time articulating this.

A Few Leaders In A Leaderless City

I’ve spent years as a critic of Washington but there are some in our nation’s capital that are really trying to make a difference. We have, for example, Ted Cruz who has become the poster child for conservatism right now, along with Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio. In the House we have people like Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, and Steve King. Tea Party conservatives are saying: Stand on your principles. The bottom line is that every single Republican ran on the platform of repealing ObamaCare. We keep hearing now that there are simply “strategic differences” in the party on how to go about this, but the establishment wing didn't rise up to support the true fight when it came down to it. Instead they are out there trashing principled conservatives for simply following through on their promises! In waging this war, these establishment Republicans are trashing the conservative base of the ir own party. In the process, they are propping up and empowering Obama and Harry Reid to be in a position that they could say “no” we aren't even going to negotiate. I don't blame the media or Harry Reid or Obama. If every Republican would have stood by their promise like Ted Cruz and the handful of other conservatives, we wouldn't be in this position today.