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Addressing Obamacare's Failures

Sean Calls ObamaCare Help Line
The president acknowledged that the sign up process online hasn't exactly been smooth sailing and offered users the alternative to sign up by calling a toll free telephone number. So naturally Sean called that the air. Take a listen to the call here!

Addressing ObamaCare's Failures
We are three weeks removed from the launch of ObamaCare and it appears to be more of a disaster than ever. For an administration that has worked so hard to control the message, the failure of the ObamaCare exchange roll-out is one message they haven't managed to dictate. This speaks to the pervasive problems associated with ObamaCare that stretch beyond partisan politics. Today Obama stressed the administration's new 'tech surge' in order to fix the site. Too little, too late? But Obama tried to remind the American people that ObamaCare is more than a website. The problem is that people have to use websites in order to sign up for ObamaCare or soon they will face a fine! Now the administration is pushing signing up over the telephone. He went as far so as to give out the phone number during his address! The fact that we can't use the website to enroll is a flat-out failure. But overall Obama's speech was remarkably tone deaf. He is still pushing the same lies and fallacies an d promises that do not reflect reality. The fact that he cannot acknowledge this fact will harm his credibility. Instead of coming out today and speaking to the flaws and hardships and acknowledging the pain of the American people, he maintained the line that "the product"(ObamaCare) is good. "It is a good deal." Who does he think he's kidding?... more

Washington's Open Secret: Profitable PACs
Peter Schweizer, who broke a massive story last night on 60 minutes about profitable PACs joined Sean via the NewsMaker Hotline. Schweizer, author of the book, " EXTORTION: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets" reveals how Washington really works: politicians extort money from us, then use it to buy each other's votes. Schweizer discussed how politicians extract "campaign contributions" and then convert them to bankroll lavish lifestyles complete with limos, private jets, golf at five-star resorts, fine wines, and cash for family members. He also details how congressmen use a little-known loophole that allows them to secretly link their votes to cash. "Extortion" is an extremely interesting read. To learn more and to order please click here.