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Fired for a phone call

Fired For A Phone Call
Earlier this week I called Erling Davis, the ObamaCare operator who we quizzed on how the new law was being received by those calling in. She was kind enough to tell us the truth, namely nobody likes it! It turns out that the call I made caused a huge stir in the Obama Administration and, as a result of my call, Davis was fired. Fired! For speaking the truth! That’s not okay, it’s just not. Ms. Davis was bullied by an administration that is used to doing things “The Chicago Way” but I’m confident that Americans are starting to see exactly what they’ve signed up for. Erling Davis is a kind woman with a big heart and that’s why I’m excited to have been able to make good on Ms. Davis’ lost salary for a year! Nobody should suffer because of something I’ve done, people are suffering enough under ObamaCare.

Broken Promises
With all the hearings that are going on around ObamaCare I’m reminded of just how bad government is at running things. Today alone in New Jersey over 100,000 residents received notice that they’re going to lose their health insurance. Remember President Obama’s broken promise when he said, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” It’s not true! According to The Weekly Standard, nearly 16 million people will lose insurance that they are happy with because those policies don’t meet ObamaCare standards. Really? How much longer do we have to deal with these broken promises?

Democrats Beg For Delay
Congress is starting to back pedal as fast as they can from ObamaCare. Today alone, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal called for a delay in ObamaCare while the glitches are being worked out. “We have to consider delaying the mandate,” mentioned Senator Blumenthal earlier today, “It could be a matter of days but we have to consider it.” This is like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered mountain! I can promise you that more will follow. As Americans become more aware of ObamaCare and all that comes with it, their representatives are starting to feel the pressure of politics. There is hope that more will come to their senses and delay a law that could really do long-term damage to our country. Oh wait, wasn’t this what the government shutdown was all about?