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Obamacare: A National Embarrasment

Obamacare A National Embarrasment
With less than two weeks until Election Day in Virginia, state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee for governor in the commonwealth, is trying to close the gap that Democrat Terry McAuliffe has in the race. Cuccinelli has called the healthcare law an "affront to our liberty." Everywhere you look, there's more evidence that Obamacare was fundamentally broken even before it started," Cuccinelli said. He also criticized the recent implementation of the law's insurance exchanges as a "national embarrassment." Cuccinelli joined guest host Rose Tennent to discuss his race and stance on Obamacare. You can listen to the interview here.

Crowd It Forward
Kendall Almeric, founder of Crowd It Forward, joined guest host Rose Tennent to discuss his effort to help those in need. Crowd It Forward is a non-profit foundation that brings people together to respond to the needs of individuals in difficult circumstances and to reward those whose acts deserve recognition through random acts of crowd-funding. One person can make a difference. A few people with coordinated efforts can make a bigger difference. A crowd of people coming together and spreading the word can change lives, outcomes, the way people think and act - and ultimately - the world. Almeric encouraged Sean's fans to check out his site at

Exclusive: Fired ObamaCare Operator Speaks Out
On Monday President Obama urged people who were having difficulty signing up for Obamacare online to call the hotline. On Sean's radio program he took the president's advice and called the number he gave out, and a very nice, very pleasant woman named Earline Davis picked up and answered every question he had, was very patient. However, the very next day Earline was fired. Sean offered to pay Earline's salary for a year as a result of the firing. She joined Sean on 'Hannity' last night to discuss the issue. You can watch Earline tell her story by clicking here.