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Obamacare Band-aid

What Are They Doing in DC?
I've been telling you for months about just how bad ObamaCare is. We've shared stories about hardworking men and women who've lost their coverage and just how tough it is for President Obama to recover from the latest failures of the new law. Now there's the story of Michael Cerpok. Michael is a small business owner who has been diagnosed with leukemia. His month-to-month expenses are $4,500 and his insurance company pays the rest of his estimated $26,000 a month in healthcare costs. Until now. As of January 1st, Cerpok's insurance company is dropping his coverage because of "new regulations related to the Affordable Healthcare Act." This leaves the Michael and his wife the daunting task of working two or three jobs each just to stay alive. Stories like this one really leave me with the question, what are they doing in DC? To watch an interview with Cerpok, click here.

The IRS Isn't Alone!
The IRS has deservedly received a lot of flack for its outrageous conferences including parody videos, unnecessary swag and high-end perks, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars throughout the years. But the IRS isn't alone. Let's take a look at some conference spending by the Department of Health and Human Services. In 2012 alone, the Health and Human Services Department spent $56 million on 135 conferences. To put that in context, that is $6 million more than the IRS spent on conferences between 2010 and 2012.These HHS conferences ranged from Head Start meetings to diversity seminars and cost an average of $416,000 per event.Two Washington DC conferences on "healthcare in rural America" cost the taxpayers $320,000. Is this type of spending even useful. Bureaucrats seem very eager to spend big bucks when its your tax dollars at their disposal. Take a look here for more information.

ObamaCare Enrollment In Perspective
The first ObamaCare numbers have been released by this administration and they are a down-right embarrassment. Only 106,000 Americans have signed up for ObamaCare as of November 2nd, and remember that this includes those who have packages sitting in their shopping carts but have yet to be purchased. Many people have come up with events or comparisons to demonstrate just how pathetic these initial enrollee figures truly are. Here are some examples from CNS News: Only 106,000 Americans signed up for ObamaCare but ... 107,000 homes were foreclosed in Florida alone, June 2012-June 2013. 307,000 women in the US got breast augmentation surgery in 2011. 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold in the first year of production, 1959. 1,400,000 people are employed by Wal-Mart in America. 32,000,000 people visit Drudge Report every day. The bottom line is that these enrollment figures are an epic failure for the Obama administration.