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Dems go nuclear

No Joke: Another ObamaCare Delay
This administration's handling of ObamaCare has become a joke. Obama has made yet another change to the rollout of the law. This time he has decided to push back the next enrollment date into the ObamaCare exchanges by one month. Why one month? Because that conveniently places the new enrollment period AFTER the 2014 mid-term elections.

The next enrollment period was set to begin October 15, 2014. That date will now be November 15, just days after the mid-term elections. The move could not be more transparent. It's clear that Democrats are rightfully concerned that ObamaCare will be nothing more than an albatross around their necks in the next election. Anything that can be done to minimize the stories related to ObamaCare will only work in their favor.

Here are more of the latest stories you need to know related to the roll-out of ObamaCare.

Dems Go Nuclear
This administration proved just how low they would go to push through their radical agenda in one of the most lawless power grabs in the history of the US Senate. Harry Reid and his cohorts in the Senate invoked the “nuclear option” to prevent most filibusters of presidential nominees.

As outrageous as this power grab was, and we'll get to more of that in a minute, there is no doubt that this was politically timed to distract from the train wreck that is ObamaCare. This is their attempt to have us chasing rabbits, taking our eyes off other stories that are politically damaging to the Democrats. It was also an attempt to bolster a waning Democratic base. We won't be distracted and will continue to give you the latest details on ObamaCare, but you need to understand just how radical and hypocritical this move was by the Senate.

Somewhere along the way, it seems as though the American people are potentially the big losers, with the winners being power-hungry politicians in Washington. Let's talk about the hypocrisy of it all. Just a few years ago, 2005, Barack Obama himself made the following statement about the nuclear option...more