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Shaking things up

Shaking Things Up
While Barack Obama is busy shaking hands with Cuban dictators and taking jabs and Republicans while attending Nelson Mandela's memorial in South Africa, perhaps he should be shaking hands here in America, trying to regain the confidence of his own citizens.

Another poll has been published – this one from McClathy-Marist – which finds Obama achieving the worst ratings of his presidency.

Although to be fair, Congress fares even worse in this poll. As a whole, Americans are frustrated with Washington. The difference is that Obama used to remain insulated from this frustration, but that is no longer the case. Why? The disastrous rollout of ObamaCare has demonstrated that Obama is nothing more than another big-government bureaucrat like the rest of them.

How bad have things gotten for Obama? Today we learn that he is bringing back John Podesta, who led Obama's transition team, to help stop an Obama presidency in nosedive. Podesta played a similar role for Bill Clinton when his administration was rocked with scandal. Podesta doesn't necessarily represent an early “spring cleaning” of Obama's inner circle, but it certainly represents a shift. Obama knows that he can't keep going on the same path he has been treading since January.

When Obama looks back on the legacy of his presidency, I'm sure he'll wish he had a mulligan for 2013.

Hits Keep Coming
First it was, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” That turned out to be a lie. Then it was, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” That also turned out to be a lie. Now we know the next shoe to drop. If you like your drugs, your medication, you may not be able to keep your medication. Unless, of course, we add the new administration caveat: You can keep your medication, but you'll just have to pay more for it!

If you read only one article today, make it this report from Forbes: “No, You Can't Keep Your Drugs Either Under ObamaCare.” It is a damning indictment of the underlying issues of the ObamaCare model. Premium costs are controlled by increasing deductibles while limiting access to doctors and covered prescriptions. Want to try and find out if your medications are even covered under ObamaCare's formulary? Good luck with that!