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Let's not forget about Egypt

Egyptian Constitution
While much of our focus has been on Washington's growing spending, my team has been spending some time tracking the news from Egypt that their new constitution is coming together and there are some radical changes. Over the years I've spent a lot of time on Egypt, you can see much of that coverage on, but the reason I've spent so much time is because it's just that important! As we continue to walk the line with Iran, rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan and repair our relationship with Israel, a stable Egypt will provide a key piece of the puzzle that will allow the United States to rest just a bit easier. While it hasn't been a focus on President Obama's to date, Egypt needs to be front and center in 2014.

New 2014 Taxes
I don't want to be the one to bring bad news so early in the year but, well, you should be aware that ObamaCare's arrival brings with it a "tax." Remember, the Supreme Court approved ObamaCare on the basis that it was a vehicle for enforcing taxes and, well, here they come! Remember, the IRS will be taxing anyone $95 for anyone who doesn't have insurance by the end of March. That, in addition to the fees insurance companies need to pay, is part of a plan to raise $8 billion this year! If you read into some of the details of this plan you'll see a litany of other fees and charges designed to raise the nearly $100 billion necessary to fund ObamaCare. If we're not careful this albatross could really grow out of control. I'm not sure I'd expect anything different from Congress.