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Conservative Solutions: Immigration

Conservative Solutions Caucus: Immigration
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
That verse is written on the Statue of Liberty and harkens back to the days of people, from so many different countries, making their way to America. These people believed in the dream of freedom and possibility. They wanted to do more, make more, and give more to their children and grand-children. There was a desire to assimilate and blend heritage with new world ideals. The poem above was written by Emma Lazarus, she herself was an immigrant, and her poem has survived to inspire many more generations of those fixing their destination on Lady Liberty. Today we have a serious immigration problem, and suddenly having national pride, and wanting English to be the main language of the country is racist. We have over 11 million people here illegally, and our public hospitals, government aid and assistance programs are overwhelmed. The costs are astronomical and on the rise.
The United States has always been a beacon of hope for those who have lived under oppression, whether it be religious, gender or lifestyle based; people have always known that America was a place for freedom and individuality. However, if we do not secure our borders then we do not have a chance at legal immigration. Period. Every nation has some sort of immigration policy, why should the USA be the country that does not enforce immigration policies? In addition, think of the security breach if we are not monitoring and controlling those who enter and leave the country? We were attacked on 9-11 because of the nation we are, the people we are and our beliefs in liberty. If we live with our borders open, and not secured, we are inviting terrorists in to attack us again.
Here is what I recommend we do to solve our nation’s immigration problem…

Distracting From ObamaCare
Whatever you do, do NOT call it “ObamaCare.” Got it? That's what Nancy Pelosi would like to adamantly remind you, as she did one reporter last week. Pelosi scolded a reporter who asked her about ObamaCare. Correcting the reporter, Pelosi rebuffed, “First of all, it’s called the ‘Affordable Care Act.’ If that’s what you’re referencing, yeah, they are going after the Affordable Care Act.” First of all, it doesn't matter what you call it, the law is an utter failure. What's amazing is that Democrats seem to believe that their problems will be solved if they could simply re-brand ObamaCare. A different sales pitch isn't going to change the fundamental failures of the law. What is so hard for liberals to understand about that?
They are doing absolutely everything they can to at least monopolize on voter ignorance. After all, polling shows that many Americans do not understand that “ObamaCare” and the “Affordable Care Act” are actually the same thing. “The Affordable Care Act” polls more favorably than “ObamaCare,” and therefore Democrats will do anything they can to stick with that label in order to help their chances. I still think they are missing the real issues. Marketing is trumping sound policy in Washington these days.
A comment was made this morning on MSNBC by Chuck Todd about how the administration managed to go “an entire week without a health care media crisis.” This is entirely by design, and the media is complicit in this. The fact is that the stories related to ObamaCare's failures continue to pour in. But the media would rather cover Bridgegate than it would nearly anything related to the failures of this administration. Here's a look at some of those stories…