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The income inequality narrative

The Income Inequality Narrative
The administration's attempt at driving their preferred narrative is working. Look at the headlines lately and you'll see a prevailing theme: wealth inequality. This is entirely by design. You can thank White House senior advisor John Podesta for that. Within weeks, he has managed to come into the White House, set the narrative, stick to the narrative and let the media do the rest. The White House has effectively managed to change the conversation in America to this “issue” of income inequality. Why, all of the sudden, did this become an issue? Because the White House decided it so. The fact is that wealth inequality doesn't register on the Richter scale of priorities for Americans, who would much rather focus on jobs, the economy, healthcare, etc. But that doesn't matter, because this is what the White House wants us to focus on so they will make it a priority.

We Know The Difference Between The Rich and The Poor
Even though people aren't concerned about wealth inequality, Americans are mostly united on the issue when asked about it. The Pew Research Center reported that 65% of Americans believe the gap between the rich and everyone else has increased. This is a view shared by 61% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats. The key? When asked what the government should do about wealth inequality, the latest Fox News poll shows that “only a small minority of voters (13 percent) thinks the government should do something about the fact some people make a lot more money than others. A 62-percent majority is okay with disparities in income 'because that’s just how the economy works.' Another 21 percent say income inequality 'stinks,' but still think the government 'shouldn’t get involved.'” The bottom line? This is not considered something the government can or should fix.

The Truth Won't Stop Obama!
It's pretty clear that President Obama will continue to push the issue in his State of the Union address. The Hill has reported that his remarks will include ," a 'healthy dose' of the income inequality message the White House has focused on in recent weeks." It's clear that Obama and the Democrats are worried about voter turnout in November. They know that as Obama's popularity wanes, so do Democrat chances of keeping the Senate. Thus, they are reverting to a tried-and-true issue to agitate their base. They want people to believe that not only is it the government's role to do something about wealth inequality but the government must do something or our lives will be worse. This Great American experiment that has existed for 238 years is predicated on the exact opposite notion, something that isn't being ignored by those of us who're paying attention!