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Obama's pre-Super Bowl interview

Obama’s Pre-SuperBowl Interview
Before kickoff yesterday, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly sat down with President Obama in a ten minute interview. When challenged on issues such as Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, and ObamaCare, Obama seemed defensive, going so far as to blame Fox News.
The interview has been described as “testy,” “revealing,” “contentious.” Needless to say, O'Reilly challenged Obama on a number of issues that likely wouldn't have been brought up by other members of the Obama-mania media.
The President discussed ObamaCare, whose rollout was as bad as the Denver Broncos’ defense in last night’s game. Obama defended HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius after O'Reilly questioned why she hadn't been fired. After all, our tax dollars are paying her salary and she had three years and over $600 million to build a healthcare website that went on to fail miserably. While Obama maintains that people are held accountable in his administration, apparently we have a different definition of accountable. After all, Kathleen Sebelius is still collecting a paycheck with our tax dollars. While Obama tried to convince low-information voters that the website is now working fine, the news reports and polls would beg to differ.
While much of the Obama-mania media has failed to report updates or push for answers related to Benghazi, Obama was challenged on the issue. He essentially believes that the main takeaway from Benghazi is that we need to better protect our diplomats serving us in dangerous places. While there is no doubt that's the case, it doesn't answer the litany of other questions related to Benghazi such as…(continued)

5 Things Uncle Sam Paid For Last Week
The most connected man in Washington, Jamie Dupree, has a list of things that we, the taxpayers, paid for last week. He went into the details of the federal budget and here are a few goodies he came up with:
- Last Friday, a California company was awarded a $2.1 million contract to create self-destructive electronic devices for the Pentagon.
- The Interior Department awarded $12 million in contracts for "Wild Horse and Burro helicopter flight services.”
- The FBI is still using pagers, spending over $3,000 on a new pager contract…(continued)