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ObamaCare Website Problems Persist

ObamaCare website problems persist
Despite what Obama and his administration will tell you, problems continue to exist for the ObamaCare exchange website,
Not only do the problems exist, but they are mounting. Yesterday I told you how 22,000 appeals from people who've had trouble with the website have gone unanswered. They are sitting in some government database and there is no plan for how to address these issues. That isn't exactly the definition of a functioning website.
Today we've learned that the software used for the network could be infected with spyware from Belarus, which has close ties to Russia.
Here's part of the report from the Washington Free Beacon...
More on Obama's Interview
Bill O'Reilly's interview with Barack Obama continued last night on The Factor. I thought this was a good, fair interview with tough yet important questions, but the president seems to disagree.
O'Reilly asked Obama whether or not he thought he was being unfair in his questions, and Obama said “absolutely.” The exchange went on to go something like this...(continued)

Outrageous Government Spending!
How about two outrageous examples of how our federal government spends our hard-earned tax dollars? These come from the Washington Free Beacon. The first is a $400,000 grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health to determine why gay men in Peru contract syphilis. This grant is just part of the $2.1 million we have spent studying male sex workers in Peru. Countless other studies have been conducted, including $160,000 to send “motivational messages” encouraging gay men in Peru to get tested for HIV. Another study taking place in Canada cost Americans $52,000 to study 16 LGBT individuals who have schizophrenia. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the study “will follow the lives of a handful of lesbian, gay, and transgender individuals for one year to study the societal 'barriers' of this group.” Yet politicians in DC claim we can't cut spending? Unbelievable.