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Another broken promise

Another Broken Promise
One thing can be said for ObamaCare: its original promises aren't living up to reality. Yesterday's CBO report only added to the list of broken promises.
We were promised that ObamaCare would lower costs by $2,500 per family. Prices for plans have increased by that much and more for many Americans.
We were promised that if we liked our plans, we could keep our plans. Then over two million Americans lost their plans in what has been labeled as the “lie of the year.” We were promised by Nancy Pelosi that ObamaCare would create four million jobs, 400,000 almost immediately! But the CBO now estimates that ObamaCare will result in the equivalent of 2 million jobs lost.
Let's talk about this CBO report for a minute. Democrats are so eager to point out what it is not saying, and that is that ObamaCare will directly result in 2 million people losing their jobs. Fine. But then they are ignoring the fact that ObamaCare's perverse incentives will result in the equivalent of 2.3 million fewer full-time jobs in 2021. This will also lead to slower economic growth. In other words, people will be working less in the future because of ObamaCare and our economy won't grow as fast.
Read these two paragraphs from the Wall Street Journal and think about how this will impact economic growth...(continued)

"Official Time" Costing Taxpayers a Fortune
American taxpayers are paying millions of dollars every year so that federal government workers can do work for unions. The practice is called “official time” and it is when federal employees are released from their regular jobs to do union work.
In 2011 alone, these federal employees spent about 3.4 million hours doing work as union representatives while collecting paychecks from the government.
This taxpayer-funded union work cost over $155 million in 2011. Here's an example from the Washington Examiner...