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Last 30 Days

ObamaCare Trickery

Sean discusses another dumb, stupid, ignorant action by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; Former NYPD terror expert, Buck Sexton and KT McFarland; News and Info Hour; Sean helps a caller battling obesity

Tax Day

It's Tax Day - Sean discusses; Austan Goolsbee; Tamara Holder and Jim Norton; News and Info Round up with Hannity Show staff

Tax Freedom Day Comes 3 Days Late

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy joins Sean to talk about his standoff with the Feds; Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Louie Gohmert of Texas; News Round up and Information Hour

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of...

Government environmental protection can go too far. Sean has some amazing examples; Rancher Cliven Bundy on how he's forced to defend his entire way of life; Sean and the staff discuss Cliven Bundy's difficult situation.

IRS Scandal Explodes

Sean discusses Lois Lerner and IRS scandal; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Sen. Ted Cruz discusses his bill to prevent terrorists from entering U.S.; Jay Sekulow discusses IRS and Lois Lerner

Holding Holder accountable

There's a huge power grab in DC and Sean isn't sure everyone is paying attention; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree updates Sean on the issues of the day in DC; Sean returns with another "Get America Back to Work" segment. There's a...

Equal Pay Day

Sean has the latest on the "Paycheck Fairness Act."; Jamie Dupree talks about the politics behind the Paycheck Fairness Act; Chris Lillis and Lori Windham discuss the debate over whether the Easter egg hunt is offensive to other...

Fix or Repeal?

Sean discusses Jay Z and the controversial "Five Percenters"; Jamie Dupree; Clare Lopez, Larry Wilske and Victoria Toensing discuss Libya; Gregory T. Angelo and Matt Bechstein discuss the resignation of Brendan Eich

Election reform laws

Rep. David Lewis (R – Harnett County) discusses election reform laws and how to enforce them; Mark Donald and Jonathan Gilliam discuss the Fort Hood shooting; Stephen Moore discusses corporate welfare bailouts; Mark Levine vehemently disagrees...

Fort Hood Shooting

Sean reacts to yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood; Jamie Dupree discusses actions by lawmakers to pass the dozen appropriations bills that fund operations of Uncle Sam; Jeffrey Lord and Ann Coulter discuss ObamaCare; Colonel Allen West

The Ryan Budget

Ex-CIA chief confirms he ignored Benghazi guidance from top officer on ground; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; News and Information Round-up Hour: Deroy Murdock and Rich Benjamin

ObamaCare Deadline Passes

There's an energy crisis in this country and Sean is frustrated with Washington's response; Jamie Dupree discusses ObamaCare's deadline and what happens next; Senator Rand Paul discusses the controversy surrounding his comments on the... Crashes Again website goes offline twice today, Sean reacts; Jamie Dupree on evidence of last minute surge in ObamaCare coverage applications over the weekend; News Round Up and Information Overload: Sally Kohn, progressive activist, columnist...

Obama to Putin: Move the troops

ObamaCare's war against doctors; Tamara Holder and Ron Christie discuss ObamaCare numbers; Dagen McDowell #AskSean; A story of despair that turns into one of hope and promise.

"A fair shot for everyone"

Governor Chris Christie is back in the spotlight for BridgeGate. Sean has the latest; Jamie Dupree offers his Insider's View from Washington; Senator Mike Lee on the Hobby Lobby case.

Yet another ObamaCare delay

Sean has some hilarious tips on how to find out when your children are not telling the truth; Lanny Davis and Lori Windham discuss Hobby Lobby and why their Supreme Court case is so important; Jack Ekstrom from Whiting Petroleum Corporation,...

ObamaCare in the Supreme Court

Lori Windham and Congressman Scott Garrett discuss the idea of religious protection in Constitutional law; Jamie Dupree stops by to share updates on Congress' plan to send $150 Million dollars to Ukraine; Michael McFaul, a former Obama official,...

ObamaCare's 4th Birthday

Commercial pilot Robert Mark on latest news about Flight 370; Jamie Dupree discusses telephone tax scams; News and Info Roundup Hour: Ralph Reed and Juan Williams

Misplaced priorities

Sean discusses the latest developments in the search for flight 370; General McInerney with latest on fight 370; Congressman Ted Poe; Jehmu Greene and Charles Butler; Get America Back to Work with Jose Compean

Mid-term election tone changes

President Obama is on the campaign trail pushing ObamaCare because he realizes they're not even close to the goal they had set for March 31st; Sean has the latest on the Malaysia Airliner that disappeared including live reports from Australia on...

Malaysian Airline Mystery

General McInerney tells Sean that he feels Flight 370 was hijacked and is now in Pakistan; Jamie Dupree discusses recent surge in visits to as the March 31st sign up deadline approaches; News Round Up and Information Hour: Dr....

Russia absorbs Crimea

Jonathan Gilliam and Colonel Peter Field discuss flight MH370; Jamie Dupree on US-Russian relations and just how bad things are; Kerry Picket and Thaddeus Russell discuss the future of US defense before and during President Obama's tenure.