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Boehner to Obama: Your timing is way off; VP Dick Cheney: on his new memoir; Robert Duvall: The legendary actor will talk about his new movie, life and being a conservative in Hollywood.

Critics try to attack Perry's intelligence

Obama's illegal alien Uncle had a valid social security number; Gov. Rick Perry; Actress and Earth activist Daryl Hannah protesting Obama's "dirty oil" plans

Hurricane Irene review

Irene Review. Where is FEMA?; Romney v Perry, is there bad blood there?; Global Warming Reality?

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Storm Watch Irene. Sean is joined by Joe Bastardi to discuss the path of Hurricane Irene; What should you do to prepare for the storm; Is there price gouging when preparing for this storm?

New Poll Numbers Steepen Obama's Uphill...

Joe Bastardi gives a weather update and what the East coast should do to prep for Irene; Newt Gingrich gives us an update on his campaign; Ann Coulter on Obama

Libya, what's next?

Joe Bastardi provides Hurricane Irene updates; Col. Oliver North: Libya situation and the weapons cache that has been found. Will the rebels sell these to the highest bidder? If so then these arms could be in the hands of terrorists; Marybeth...

First an earthquake, now a hurricane?

Tom Rockwell, Professor of Geology, San Diego University; Joe Bastardi; "The Architect" Karl Rove; Joe Bastardi; "The Great One" Mark Levin

What's next for Libya?

Leland Vittert reports live from Israel en route to Libya; Dick Morris talks about Weiner's open seat, could the GOP win?; Bob Turner only 6 points behind the Democratic candidate for Rep. Weiner's special election

Can the U.S. be energy independent in 10 years?

Harold Hamm, #42 on Forbes 400 Richest Americans and an expert on oil exploration; Rep. James Lankford discusses GOP plans to beat Obama in 2012 and reduce national debt; Is it possible to get rid of our national debt?

What does your future look like?

What does our future look like? Sean has some ideas; Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (Columbia Professor) and Dr. Anthony Bradley (Author of Black and Tired, Acton Research Fellow) debate on Obama leaving behind the black community; Stuart Varney on the job...

Perry vs. Romney

Sean has the latest from President Obama's fight with Iowa Tea Party members; Pollsters: Scott Rasmussen and John Zogby analyze the growing 2012 GOP field; Tamara Holder and Star Parker debate the GOP 2012 field.

Campaign Bus One?

Perry is in, what about Palin?; What were the candidates doing this weekend? Some were winning straw polls; Christine O'Donnell stops by to talk about her new book and what it's like to be a candidate for public office.

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Sean recaps last night's debate; Ann Coulter gives her thoughts on the debate; Rep. Michele Bachmann: She's on the road in Iowa and things are looking good for the straw poll. What's her strategy and how did she feel about the debate last night?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

We shouldn't blame the Tea Party for our mistakes; Rick Santelli: Economy and what Americans can do to try to recover; Mark Steyn: Talks about his new book, After America.

The most predictable economic crisis in history

Sean says this is the most predictable economic downturn in history; Pat Buchanan talks about attacks by the media on GOP candidates like Bachmann, Perry etc.; Juan Williams and Rick Santelli debate on economy and why Obama is keeping Geithner...

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Larry Elder explains what a "debt rating" is in an easy to understand way; Elder asks what Obama should do to further the interest of black people; A nightmare on Wall Street

Behind the scenes with Elisha

Senator Reid wants to raise your taxes; Donald Trump: debt deal and our American economy... plus, is he running for Pres?; Newt Gingrich: his campaign, economy, debt deal and much more.

How will debt debate affect 2012?

Will fiscal Conservatives be barred from super committee?; Ann Coulter on debt bill. Sean ribs her about her new boyfriend!; Sen. Orrin Hatch, one of the 24 senators to vote against the debt plan

Let's make a deal!

The debate is almost over and Sean has the details; Senator Rand Paul knows of a predictable crisis that we should've seen coming; Clark Howard stops by to tell you how to save money.