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Romney goes after Gingrich

Is Cain a distraction?; Deneen Borelli, Daily Caller Columnist; Governor Mitt Romney discusses the fight between he and Newt Gingrich; Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin

Gingrich vs. Romney

Hermain Cain's campaign is on the ropes. Sean has the latest updates; Governor Rick Perry and Sheriff Joe Arpaio address the issues of illegal immigration in the United States; Frank Luntz stops by to discuss the latest polls and the race between...

The Obama machine gears up for 2012

Obama's campaign strategy; Newt Gingrich; Daniel Hannan; Stephen A. Smith on sex abuse allegations at Penn State and Syracuse Univ.

Black Friday off to a violent start

Black Friday off to a violent start; Ann Coulter discusses mobs and OWS with guest host Mark Simone; Pat Caddell provides his political analysis of the current GOP candidates

We need tough votes

How do you deal with crazy liberal relatives during the holiday season? Sean has some ideas; Senator Pat Toomey stops by to share his thoughts on why the Super Committee failed; Michael W. Smith shares some big news.

The no-so super committee

The Super Committee fails to act; Donald Trump stops by to give his thoughts on the 2012 Presidential race; Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on President Obama's re-election chances.

Super failure

Congress continues to kick the can down the road; Newt Gingrich talks about his rise in the polls; Karl Rove, Author of Courage & Consequence; JC Watts; Juan Williams and Stuart Varney

Gingrich, Romney in dead heat in N.H.

Poll: Gingrich, Romney in dead heat in N.H.; Pollster Frank Luntz; Judge Jeanine Pirro; Chris Horner, author of Power Grab; Performer Terry Fator

No tents in NYC

Newt Gingrich is number one in the polls, Sean has the latest; Mayor Rudy Guiliani stops by to share his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street; Ron Paul stops by to give his thoughts on the future of his campaign and the 2012 Presidential race.

OWS plan massive protest in NYC

OWS vows 'Day of Action' in NYC tomorrow; Gov. Mitt Romney discusses Tuesday's debate; Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) talks about his new 'Agree Plan'

Occupy Wall Street evicted

Grim Womyn stops by to give her thoughs on the future of the Occupy Wall Street movement; Governor Rick Perry shares a laugh or two at his own expense with Sean; CNBC's Rick Santelli warns China is slowly but surely buying all our debt.

Newt Gingrich leads

Mark Levin has a new book out. Sean shares the latest; Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz shares his thoughts on the Penn State scandal that rocked the country last week; Peter Schweizer is the author of the book, Throw Them All Out and...

A Valley Forge moment?

Rose Tennent filled in for Sean and shared her thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement; Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann shares her thoughts on Veteran's Day; Rose Tennent is really critical of the Penn State controversy and Stephen A. Smith...

2008: The year the media died

Moderators at last nights debate tried to provoke the candidates. Were they successful?; Dr. Alveda King talks about her Uncle Dr. Martin Luther King; Frank Luntz discusses his focus group on last night's debate; Ann Coulter; Senator Grassley of...

Super committee dead?

Senator Rand Paul stops by with breaking news about the Super Committee; Senator Joe Lieberman shares his thoughts on President Obama's latest shot at Israel; Newt Gingrich is gaining ground, find out why.

Cain allegations: True or False?

Anonymous sources plague Cain; Gloria Allred and Mercedes Colwin discuss and debate allegations against Cain; Cain "sets the record straight" at live press conference

Conrad Murray guilty in death of Michael Jackson

Gingrich surges in new poll of Iowa voters; Tamara Holder and Jay Sekulow discuss the verdict for Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray; Chuck Pfarrer, author of Seal Target Geronimo

2012 Race continues!

Newt Gingrich stops by to share his thoughts on his recent rise in the polls as well as his new book set to hit shelves on Monday; Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann joins Sean to discuss her plan for an economic strategy...

Is Newt-A-Mania coming?

Sean's under attack, find out why!; Presidential candidate Herman Cain stops by to give an update of his campaign; Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shares her experiences and opinions on American foreign policy.

Israel Considers Pre-Emptive Attack On Iran?

Why Obama didn't endure the same media scrutiny as Cain; Dr. Lamont Hill and Star Parker discuss the attacks on black conservatives; Stanley Cohen & David Horowitz talk about Israel's claim they will support an attack on Iran

Slow response to harassment claims hurts Cain

Slow response to harassment claims hurts Cain; Legal Analyst Tamara Holder and Columnist Deneen Borelli mouth off on the sexual harassment accusations surrounding Herman Cain; Wall Street Protestor Grim Womyn joins Sean to discuss the latest on...