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"America's Got Talent" winner Landau Eugene...

America's Got Talent winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.; Keith Boykin, author and editor of The Daily Voice, a CNBC contributor, and BET TV host; Steve Forbes; Republican Staten Island Councilman Ignizio

Surprise, surprise - Obama wants more money

Guest host J.C. Watts takes calls; David Barton of WallBuilders talks about getting back to our founding fathers principles; Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, on the race, the polls and Iowa

The Best of Sean Hannity

Sen. Leiberman and Congressman Peter King discuss Newt Gingrich's chances of becoming president in 2012; Attorney Jay Sekulow discusses the IMF's missing $1.2 billion with Sean; Sean gives job hunting advice to callers.

Payroll tax cut extended

Guest host Bernard McGuirk gives his thoughts on the upcoming 2012 election; Congressman Peter King joins Bernard to give an update on the Washington tax battles; Pat Buchanan shares his thoughts on how Speaker John Boehner was rolled politically...

Can Newt pull out a win in Iowa?

Pollster Pat Caddell on Newt's chances in Iowa; Comedian Darrell Hammond; Michael Barone - American political analyst, pundit and journalist

How important is Iowa?

North Korea's Kim Jong Il passes away. What does this mean for our national security?; Newt's lead has slipped a bit in the wake of some key endorsements for Mitt Romney; What will the 2012 Presidential race look like in a few months.

Who won last night?

Sean recaps last night's debate in Iowa; Frank Luntz reacts to Fox News debate in Iowa; John Ondraski and Jeff Foxworthy talk about what to expect at Sunday's "Hannity Holiday Concert for the Troops"

Romney vs. Gingrich...again

Newt Gingrich stops by to defend his attacks on Governor Mitt Romney; Mitt Romney stops by to defend his attacks on Speaker Newt Gingrich; Jeffrey Lord stops by to explain why Ron Paul hasn't gotten enough scrutiny.

Can I have my drone back...pretty please?

Can I have my drone back...pretty please?; Rick Perry; Michele Bachmann; Col. North on crisis in Iran; Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee on their co-authored bill the Balanced Budget Amendment

A $10,000 mistake?

A $10,000 mistake?; Frank Luntz with poll results from Saturday's debate; Michelle Malkin gives her opinion on the candidates and the news of the day

I don't know where the money went!

Sean had a chance to sit down with Herman Cain and he shares more of his thoughts from that interview; RNC Chairman Reince Priebus stops by to talk about the 2012 GOP primary process; Penny Young Nance and Nancy Cohen debate the plan B pill.

Corzine: The Uncle Billy of the Democratic Party

Corzine: The Uncle Billy of the Democratic Party; Senator Lieberman and Congressman Peter King on the issue of terrorism and protecting our soldiers; Frank Luntz stops by to talk about all things polling and stats related.

Gingrich is like Obama, sort of

Alec Baldwin's latest scandal doesn't surprise Sean; Dick Morris stops by to share his thoughts on the debates scheduled this weekend; Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann stops by to give an update to her campaign and...

Obama blames the Internet for unemployment

Obama now blames the internet for unemployment; Ann Coulter on Herman Cain; Stuart Varney; Congressman Tim Griffin discusses his effort to end Congressional pensions

Donald Trump Exclusive!

Sean spends some time defending Herman Cain; Donald Trump stops by for the full hour to discuss his new book, Time To Get Tough; Newt Gingrich stops by to give a quick update on his campaign.

Misleading jobs report?

Misleading jobs report; Sarah Palin; Bob Beckel; Sean's TV Interview with Cain; Brigitte Gabriel Author of "They Must Be Stopped" and Brian Doherty

A new leader?

Herman Cain still under attack. Sean has the latest; Karl Rove stops by to give the latest updates to the 2012 race; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell shares his thoughts on Washington dysfunction.