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Mid-term election tone changes

President Obama is on the campaign trail pushing ObamaCare because he realizes they're not even close to the goal they had set for March 31st; Sean has the latest on the Malaysia Airliner that disappeared including live reports from Australia on...

Republican Momentum

The GOP wins a big victory in The House. Sean has the latest; Jamie Dupree on just how poor the ObamaCare registrations have been; Sean has the latest on the Malaysian Airliner that has disappeared.


It’s Election Day and Sean highlights some key races nationwide; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Senator Mike Lee; Luke Chung Founder & President FMS, Inc. & FMS Advanced Systems Group discusses the ongoing Obamacare website troubles

Obama returns, Egypt in Ruins

Why hasn't the mainstream media covered the 47 Christian churches & monasteries that have been burned, robbed, attacked since Aug. 14 by Muslim Brothers/Islamists?; Pat Buchanan is catching some flack for his support of "stop and...

A GOP of Bold Colors

Sean exposes a massive distortion of truth that somehow Republicans are anti-women? How about Democrats Filner, Bill Clinton, Spitzer and Anthony Weiner?; Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky discusses his heated dispute with Governor Christie of New...

Ordinary People With Extraordinary Power

Charlie Daniels joins the show to talk about his new CD; Senator Rick Santorum stops by to share news about a new role he has in an upcoming movie; Congressman Louie Gohmert stops by to share his thoughts on the future of immigration legislation...

Saving Sarah Murnaghan

Sean gives his advice to the GOP for 2014; Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, author of the Patriot Act, is back to give clarity on the NSA scandal; Jamie Dupree with reaction to the hearings before the judiciary committee regarding the FBI and NSA;...

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Sen. Boxer ‘infuriated’ by Sen. Rand Paul’s attack on Hillary - Sean reacts; Former Secret Service member Dan Bongino and editor of Politix, David Mark, debate the latest on gun control; Donald Trump joins Sean to discuss the over-taxation...