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Family Values

Duck Dynasty drama

Duck Dynasty drama; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Cafe Press Founder Bob Marino joins the show with the now infamous ACA Hotline Operator, Earline; Velma tells Sean what he should do on vacation with his wife

He came amongst us

Sean explains why honesty and truthfulness is a quality that not only matters in your spouse, but also in government; Joe Bastardi of joins the show to talk about the incredible storm hitting the mid-west; Healthcare Horror Story...

Historic SCOTUS Marriage Rulings

Sean's take on the SCOTUS gay marriage rulings; Jay Sekulow and Gerry Birnberg discuss SCOTUS decision; Reps. Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann share their opinions on Gang of 8 Legislation; John Hofmeister founder and CEO of the non-profit...

Saving Sarah Murnaghan

Sean gives his advice to the GOP for 2014; Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, author of the Patriot Act, is back to give clarity on the NSA scandal; Jamie Dupree with reaction to the hearings before the judiciary committee regarding the FBI and NSA;...

Outrageous: Abortion Horrors Revealed

Sean discusses the release of Tim Tebow from the Jets and NBA player Jason Collins who announced he's gay; Lila Rose, founder of, talks about abortions happening nationwide; Senator Jeff Sessions discusses loop holes in Gang of 8's...

Do you know your representative?

Sean has the latest from the aftermath of New Hampshire; Speaker Newt Gingrich stops by to share thoughts on the future of his campaign; Tavis Smiley talks about his new special, “Remaking America: From Poverty to Prosperity.”