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Health Care

"A fair shot for everyone"

Governor Chris Christie is back in the spotlight for BridgeGate. Sean has the latest; Jamie Dupree offers his Insider's View from Washington; Senator Mike Lee on the Hobby Lobby case.

Yet another ObamaCare delay

Sean has some hilarious tips on how to find out when your children are not telling the truth; Lanny Davis and Lori Windham discuss Hobby Lobby and why their Supreme Court case is so important; Jack Ekstrom from Whiting Petroleum Corporation,...

Liberals against charter schools

Sean has the latest on the Malaysian Airliner; Gabrielle Moss stops by to share her thoughts and support for Rachel Canning; Hans Von Spakovsky and Jay Sekulow discuss the Lois Lerner investigation.

Attacking Ted Cruz

The government is standing in the way of an American energy boom; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree discusses how much the debt limit might increase; Dave Berg reviews Jimmy Fallon's debut on The Tonight Show

Throwing Grandma off the ObamaCare Cliff

Sean explains how Obama violating Constitution making his own ObamaCare laws; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Getting America Back To Work: President and CEO of MBI Energy Services, Jim Arthaud tells Sean about hundreds of jobs he's looking to...

Suprise, Surprise, another ObamaCare delay

The President is trying to make laws without Congressional approval and Sean is calling him out on that; Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Jay Sekulow discuss the IRS scandals and the inherent bias that exists; David Webb discusses his...

ObamaCare Ponzi Scheme

The left has gone beyond "dirty air and dirty water" to some really sick and twisted stuff; Jamie Dupree on the future of the Keystone pipeline; Thaddeus Russell and Horace Cooper debate the overall disincentive to work that exists in...

Another broken promise

Sean explains why we need to fix ObamaCare now before it's too late; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree discusses the CBO's findings in Obama's health law; Professor MIchael Clune discusses his book, "The Secret Life of Heroin"