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Obama's campaign will take the low road

Dems try to portray GOP as anti-women; Fox News Contributor Tamara Holder on Hilary Rosen comments; Bob Beckel discusses Martin case; Karl Rove on the numerous missteps by Obama during his presidency

Sean Discusses Trayvon Martin Case

Sean recounts the events leading up to Trayvon Martin's death; Angela McGlowan and Jehmu Greene address the issues surrounding the Trayvon Martin case; Rick Santorum; Mitt Romney; Newt Gingrich

Attack of the lunch police!

Attack of the food police!; Vince Coglianese and Jaime Weinstein from Daily Caller on their Media Matters expose; Sen. Rand Paul; Newt Gingrich

Conrad Murray guilty in death of Michael Jackson

Gingrich surges in new poll of Iowa voters; Tamara Holder and Jay Sekulow discuss the verdict for Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray; Chuck Pfarrer, author of Seal Target Geronimo

Hurricane Irene review

Irene Review. Where is FEMA?; Romney v Perry, is there bad blood there?; Global Warming Reality?

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Storm Watch Irene. Sean is joined by Joe Bastardi to discuss the path of Hurricane Irene; What should you do to prepare for the storm; Is there price gouging when preparing for this storm?

Libya, what's next?

Joe Bastardi provides Hurricane Irene updates; Col. Oliver North: Libya situation and the weapons cache that has been found. Will the rebels sell these to the highest bidder? If so then these arms could be in the hands of terrorists; Marybeth...

First an earthquake, now a hurricane?

Tom Rockwell, Professor of Geology, San Diego University; Joe Bastardi; "The Architect" Karl Rove; Joe Bastardi; "The Great One" Mark Levin

Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Casey Anthony cleared of murder charges. Sean has the latest; Jay Sekulow vs. Kimberly Guilfoyle discuss the Casey Anthony trial and the concept of circumstantial vs. actual evidence; Kitty Simpson and Mercedes Colwin debate whether Casey Anthony...