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The Best of Sean Hannity

Carter Maynard and Dave Storebo (from 2/14); Terry Fator (from 2/19); Arsenio Hall (from 3/5); Paul Ryan and Tom Price (from 4/3)

ObamaCare Trickery

Sean discusses another dumb, stupid, ignorant action by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; Former NYPD terror expert, Buck Sexton and KT McFarland; News and Info Hour; Sean helps a caller battling obesity

Tax Day

It's Tax Day - Sean discusses; Austan Goolsbee; Tamara Holder and Jim Norton; News and Info Round up with Hannity Show staff

Tax Freedom Day Comes 3 Days Late

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy joins Sean to talk about his standoff with the Feds; Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Louie Gohmert of Texas; News Round up and Information Hour

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of...

Government environmental protection can go too far. Sean has some amazing examples; Rancher Cliven Bundy on how he's forced to defend his entire way of life; Sean and the staff discuss Cliven Bundy's difficult situation.

IRS Scandal Explodes

Sean discusses Lois Lerner and IRS scandal; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Sen. Ted Cruz discusses his bill to prevent terrorists from entering U.S.; Jay Sekulow discusses IRS and Lois Lerner

Holding Holder accountable

There's a huge power grab in DC and Sean isn't sure everyone is paying attention; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree updates Sean on the issues of the day in DC; Sean returns with another "Get America Back to Work" segment. There's a...

Equal Pay Day

Sean has the latest on the "Paycheck Fairness Act."; Jamie Dupree talks about the politics behind the Paycheck Fairness Act; Chris Lillis and Lori Windham discuss the debate over whether the Easter egg hunt is offensive to other...

Fix or Repeal?

Sean discusses Jay Z and the controversial "Five Percenters"; Jamie Dupree; Clare Lopez, Larry Wilske and Victoria Toensing discuss Libya; Gregory T. Angelo and Matt Bechstein discuss the resignation of Brendan Eich