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Sebelius Scores Lifetime Pension

The American middle class is no longer the world’s richest, Sean explains; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Governor Bobby Jindal joins Sean and is fired up about our healthcare choices, the economy and unemployment rates and our failing...

Midterm Referendum?

Sean has the latest on the Cliven Bundy situation; Jamie Dupree talks about VP Biden's visit to The Ukraine; Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore talks about the future of the Cliven Bundy case.

The Best of Sean Hannity

Carter Maynard and Dave Storebo (from 2/14); Terry Fator (from 2/19); Arsenio Hall (from 3/5); Paul Ryan and Tom Price (from 4/3)

ObamaCare Trickery

Sean discusses another dumb, stupid, ignorant action by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio; Former NYPD terror expert, Buck Sexton and KT McFarland; News and Info Hour; Sean helps a caller battling obesity

Tax Day

It's Tax Day - Sean discusses; Austan Goolsbee; Tamara Holder and Jim Norton; News and Info Round up with Hannity Show staff

Tax Freedom Day Comes 3 Days Late

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy joins Sean to talk about his standoff with the Feds; Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Louie Gohmert of Texas; News Round up and Information Hour

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of...

Government environmental protection can go too far. Sean has some amazing examples; Rancher Cliven Bundy on how he's forced to defend his entire way of life; Sean and the staff discuss Cliven Bundy's difficult situation.

IRS Scandal Explodes

Sean discusses Lois Lerner and IRS scandal; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Sen. Ted Cruz discusses his bill to prevent terrorists from entering U.S.; Jay Sekulow discusses IRS and Lois Lerner