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War On Terror

Fort Hood Shooting

Sean reacts to yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood; Jamie Dupree discusses actions by lawmakers to pass the dozen appropriations bills that fund operations of Uncle Sam; Jeffrey Lord and Ann Coulter discuss ObamaCare; Colonel Allen West

Misplaced priorities

Sean discusses the latest developments in the search for flight 370; General McInerney with latest on fight 370; Congressman Ted Poe; Jehmu Greene and Charles Butler; Get America Back to Work with Jose Compean

Malaysian Airline Mystery

General McInerney tells Sean that he feels Flight 370 was hijacked and is now in Pakistan; Jamie Dupree discusses recent surge in visits to as the March 31st sign up deadline approaches; News Round Up and Information Hour: Dr....

Russia absorbs Crimea

Jonathan Gilliam and Colonel Peter Field discuss flight MH370; Jamie Dupree on US-Russian relations and just how bad things are; Kerry Picket and Thaddeus Russell discuss the future of US defense before and during President Obama's tenure.

The Referendum in Crimea

Todd Wood and KT McFarland give us an on the ground update of the struggle between Russia and Ukraine; Jamie Dupree with latest on Crimea; News round up & Information Hour: David Mark and Dan Bongino on missing flight MH370

Shaking things up

Snowy owls wreak havoc at New York area airports. Port Authority adds owl to kill list and animal activists are livid; Washington Insider Jamie Dupree; Senator Marco Rubio; Mark Hannah and Ben Shapiro

A bad deal on Iran

Deal with Iran: A historic agreement or a historic mistake?; Congressman and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte and Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah discuss Iran deal; Jay Sekulow working to secure the release of American Pastor...