Kellyanne on Hannity: Leakers Pose Direct Threat to 'National Security'

posted by admin - 1.29.17

Senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway stopped by ‘Hannity’ on Friday night, telling Sean the incredible number of leaks plaguing the Trump administration not only “hurts our national security” but also the “entire citizenry.”

“This is now a clear-and-present danger to stop the President’s agenda, de-legitimize him, and really hurt the American people and what they voted for,” said Hannity.

“It does Sean, it hurts our national security. Look, you have bipartisan agreement on the very point you just said,” responded Conway. “No less than the ranking democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, said yesterday that it is disgraceful that conversations our President Donald Trump had with heads of state has leaked, and that he thinks we should get to the bottom of this as well.”

“This is not leaking against a colleague,” she added. “We’re talking about sensitive, classified information that imperils the safety of all of us, the entire citizenry. And more to the point, really puts a chilling effect on leaders to be able to have candid, strategic conversations with our President.”

Conway stressed the need for the President, and those closely associated with him, to conduct private conversations without fearing that confidential information would find its way to the press.

“It’s incredibly important for him, for governors, for senators, for people in positions of elected authority and power to speak freely and candidly with other heads of state and not have the threat that conversations can be leaked,” said Kellyanne.

Watch Kellyanne Conway on ‘Hannity’ above.