BODY BLOW: Nikki Haley Praises Devastating North Korea Sanctions

posted by admin - 1.09.17

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley praised the harsh new sanctions imposed by the UN against North Korea, saying the new restrictions were a devastating “gut punch” to Kim Jong Un and vowed the international community is ready to “fight back” against the communist regime.

Speaking with Fox News, Haley applauded the unanimous decision to slam North Korea with punishing sanctions. The new guidelines will cut off nearly $1 billion of the hermit kingdom’s estimated $3 billion of export revenue.

“It was a gut-punch to North Korea, to let them know the international community is tired of it and we’re going to start fighting back,” said Haley. “Every dollar of revenue that the North Korean government gets, they’re not feeding their people with it. They’re using it toward a nuclear weapons system. Going after these sanctions is going after their ability to build these missiles.”

The Ambassador also hailed China and Russia’s decision to side with the US and its allies against Kim Jong Un.

“China stepped up and said, ‘We will follow through on these sanctions.’ And they encouraged the international community to follow it. When that missile test took off, they felt it in China. And they’re disturbed enough to say that they now have to do their part,” added Haley.

The UN resolution is the harshest penalty imposed against North Korea since it detonated its first nuclear bomb over ten years ago. The sanctions are a direct result of Kim Jong Un’s successful test of two, long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, both of which were capable of striking the United States.