WATCH: Sebastian Gorka SHREDS Liberal Hosts Over Term 'Radical Islam'

posted by admin - 6.14.17

Senior White House advisor Sebastian Gorka annihilated MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle over the Trump administration’s use of the term ‘Radical Islam’ when describing brutal terror attacks, saying if you “misdiagnose” any problem it can never be solved.

Gorka was speaking with the liberal hosts when he was asked how the Trump administration would fight back against “extremist inspired attacks.”

“We will talk truthfully about it. We will call it ‘Radical Islamic terrorism.’ We will target the ideology, and we will call them out for being evil and we will work with our Muslim partners […] We are here to help those nations that share our values and share our interests and help them fight the fight,” said Gorka.

“I don’t understand how calling it by its name stops the attacks?” asked a confused Velshi.

“So if you, God forbid, caught cancer, and the hospital was forbidden from calling it cancer and said, ‘You have the flu, go home and hydrate and take some aspirins.’ Would you actually have the right treatment?” asked the White House advisor.

“If you misdiagnose anything, whether it’s a serious disease or an international geopolitical threat, you will never solve it. For the last eight years we’ve had an administration that said oh it’s economics, oh these people are disenfranchised,” added Gorka. “It’s not about economics, it’s not about being disenfranchised, it’s about people who have an ideology that is evil and has to be destroyed.”

Watch Gorka smackdown MSNBC above.