WATCH: Senior Bush Aide SHREDS CNN's Cillizza Straight to His Face

posted by admin - 7.28.17

A senior diplomatic aide to President George W. Bush shredded CNN’s Chris Cillizza on-air Friday, slamming the liberal reporter for intentionally misrepresenting Donald Trump’s statements by only reading sections of the President’s posts on social media.

Richard Grenell, a former spokesman to George W. Bush’s UN Ambassador, blasted the CNN correspondent for only reporting on President Trump’s “locked and loaded” portion of his statement on North Korea, totally ignoring the next sentence that hopes for a diplomatic solution.

“Political types are going to keep trying to message ‘locked and loaded’ but they are missing the rest of the sentence,” said Grenell. “I think it’s really disingenuous and shameful to not continue the rest of the sentence.”

“He’s talking about playing defense, he’s saying ‘if they should act,'” Grenell added. “I want to ask Chris Cillizza, what does he expect the President of the United States to do if North Korea should act?”

“I want you to stop saying ‘locked and loaded’ without finishing the rest of it because you are being very political with a serious policy,” Grenell scolded Cillizza.

The CNN journalist then suggested that average Americans would only read sections of President Trump’s tweets, and might miss the statement in its entirety.

“What I hear you saying is that people are only reading half a tweet, and I find that to be crazy. I find that to be what politics and political people in Washington D.C. try to do when they are partisan,” said the former Bush aide.

Watch Grenell smack down CNN’s Cillizza above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon