REPORT: Kim Jong Un Strung Out on Drugs, Addicted to Steroids

posted by admin - 7.31.17

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s reckless and unpredictable behavior might be a result of drug abuse, with doctors suggesting his current mental health is a product of heavy steroid use, according to Fox News.

The medical community believes the despot suffers from a serious case of gout; a disease that’s primary treatment includes the injection of high-powered steroids to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Kim’s behavior might be a result of the overuse of these drugs, which can cause “roid rage,” or hyper-aggression among certain individuals.

[We know] that he has gout, and one of the treatments for gout is steroids,” a doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery told the New York Post. “This fellow could be manifesting ‘roid rage.”

Gout, a disease that forms as a result of a rich diet and sedentary lifestyle, is a common illness among world leaders and historical figures; including Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci.

There are so many world leaders who have suffered over the centuries, and it’s changed history,” said the doctor. “Who knows what’s making this guy tick?”

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