WHAT'S WRONG WITH NANCY? Pelosi Snaps, Says She's 'Won Every Fight'

posted by admin - 1.27.17

Nancy Pelosi left viewers scratching their heads this week, after the former Speaker of the House bizarrely claimed the democratic party was beating President Trump and fellow republicans at every turn, saying “We’ve won every fight.”

The House Minority Leader made her baseless claim while speaking with local news; conveniently forgetting to mention the four special election defeats that left democrats reeling earlier this year.

“The republican party is in such disarray right now. Crisis after crisis. Nonetheless, the democratic party does not seem to have been able to capitalize on the problems facing your other party. Why?” a journalist asked Pelosi.

“What do you mean not capitalize?” snapped Nancy.

“We’ve beaten them on the appropriations, we’ve won every fight. The President’s numbers are in the high 30s, which is for a new president is remarkable to be so low,” said the former Speaker.

“He is making his own case. The American people see for themselves that he does not share their values and he does not; some that may have voted for him are now rethinking and others are just digging in their heels,” she ranted.

“But we are getting ready for an election, the election in 2018, which we expect to take back the Congress. In the meantime though, we hope to get Republicans to join us in our better deal: Better jobs, better pay, better future,” said Pelosi.

Watch Nancy lose it on local news above.